Comic Review – We Are Robin #7

  • Writer: Lee Bermejo
  • Art: Carmine Di Giandomenico
  • Colourist: Mat Lopez
  • Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
  • Cover: Jorge Corona
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Release Date: 16th December 2015

This issue is actually a tie in for the big Robin event going on the batverse, Robin War and We Are Robin #7 continues the drama between the Court of Owls and the many Robins. Except this time round Red Robin and Red Hood are being pitted against one another in a fight to the death, so needless to say it’s got more than the usual amount of drama with this issue, which means some of the robins end up a little side lined as a result.

WE ARE ROBIN #7 cover by Jorge Corona
WE ARE ROBIN #7 cover by Jorge Corona

Bermejo hits the event in his stride. He continues in his usual manner of having the story go around Duke Thomas but this time round we also get the P.O.V of Grayson and enough going on with the official Robin’s to fill a book. Jason Todd and Tim Drakes fight scene is surprisingly quippy, you feel a real sense of animosity between the two during their brawl, and at times do genuinely wonder if one will end up killing the other, especially given Jason’s incredibly violent history. We also get to see some more of Damian’s grumpiness and the fun of watching Duke both be in awe of the awesome of the official Robin’s awesomeness, and also be slightly terrified of the fact that all of the official Robin’s are far more crazy than the We Are Robin group. However, it is sad that one of the best issues of this book is a forced tie in, hopefully this continues when everything goes back to normal(ish) for the we are robin group (and the fact that they’ve had some time with the official robin group might change-up what happens for them). Plus you’ve got to appreciate a writer who manages to work in some Bird puns amongst all the seriousness.

The fact that some of the pages barely have dialect and the fight scene still manages to be incredibly tense is a real testament to Giandomenico’s work in this issue. When the robins are all freed it’s a great visual moment, watching the plan that some of the robins have cooked up to orchestrate the escape being very clever and very well done by Giandomenico. He also does incredibly well when it comes to rendering Damian Wayne, his Damian is furious and almost feral which considering the sort of life he’s had is a great way to portray the littlest and youngest of the official Robins. On the other hand, when it comes to Dick Grayson and Jim Gordon’s version of Batman the artwork isn’t nearly as profficient, it seems like he rushed those pages to get to the more dramatic stuff of the issue. The characters are roughly hewn in these opening pages, and the sharp improvement later in the issue just makes this more glaring, this is the only real issue going on with his work in this issue though and his work on the court of owls figures is great!

We Are Robin #7 may just be the best issue since the first issue in this series. Watching all the different robins team up seems like a weird pipe dream that was allowed through and we get to see some of the moral questions. For instance if it was right for Batman to of even taken on a Robin in the first place, it’s a jam-packed issue and hopefully even after the event We Are Robin continues to excel.

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