Comic review- Secret Wars Journal #1

  • Writers:Pru Shen, Matthew Rosenberg
  • Artists: Ramon Bachs, Luca Pizzari
  • Colours: Jean-Francois Beaulie, Rain Beredo
  • Letters: VC’s Cory Petit
  • Cover: Kevin Wada
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Release Date: May 27th 2015

If buying a comic for the sole reason that Kate Bishop is in it is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.Secret Wars Journal 1 Preview 2

Secret Wars Journal #1 is by no means the best of the comics to be featured under the huge banner of Secret Wars. In my opinion, that is an honor that (so far) goes to A-Force. It is however a fairly interesting read with Shen giving a very different take on the Young Avengers, where medieval is the normal of this section of battleworld and Kate, Teddy, and Billy form a very cool Robin Hood (Arrowhead in this case) and her merry men. They scale buildings and steal from the rich there’s not a lot that isn’t awesome here.

Bachs art seems to be made for the medieval, Billy, Teddy, and Kate have arguably never looked better. The art for the issue never misses a beat with Kate looking determined, Billy looking bad ass particularly in the panel he uses magic and Teddy retaining his hulking build in muscle and armor a lot of work has clearly gone into showing off these characters and it pays off well.

 The second half of the comic on the other hand is somewhat of a disaster. Rosenbergs story may just seem weaker by comparison but the X-men being slaves in ancient Egypt just isn’t that interesting of a read. Even the use of a living Wolverine doesn’t really improve this tale much, although the bad ass shadow cat of the issue at least lends some interest to this part of the comic.

The art for the second half of the issue also pales in comparison to that of the first half. Most of Pizzari’s art is good but there are moments– such as the fight scene of the end of the comic–where the art goes from being hit and miss to just being downright bad.Secret Wars Journal 1 Preview 4

Secret Wars Journal #1 despite it’s fault was actually a good comic. Hopefully the issues to follow will have interesting plots for both half of the comics rather than one being superior to the other. Other than this small snafu the first issue of Secret Wars Journal #1 is one of the better comics of Secret Wars so far.





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