Comic Review – Spider-Gwen #1

  • Writer: Jason Latour
  • Artist: Robbi Rodriguez
  • Colourist: Rico Renzi
  • Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles
  • Cover: Robbi Rodriguez
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Release Date: 14th October 2015

This is the 2nd time in quite recent times that there has been a Spider- Gwen #1 and as annoying as that can be it’s also a good thing, as the character born from the biggest spider people event now has another chance to be shown off to potential new readers, a chance that judging by this issue alone is one that she and the creative team behind her fully deserve.

This is a strong first issue full of little parts of Gwen that haven’t really been shown before, and this is largely due to the work done by Latour. His writing for this issue is funny, interesting and has just enough behind it to leave you wanting more. The introduction of Harry Osbourne via flash back, the fact that Gwen is now juggling a new job alongside her many other super problems, and the fact that she’s facing the Lizard (who is arguably her first foe) is all evidence that Latour has some great and big plans for this iteration of Spider- Gwen that should be a really enjoyable read for all her fans. In fact it would be more difficult to find reasons to complain about what’s wrong with the writing of this issue than what’s right with it, which is most definitely promising if it keeps up.

Spider-Gwen #1 cover

It can always be said that Rodriguez has style; he’s incredibly different as an artist from many of the house style artists that Marvel employs. This is both a gift and a curse as his art can usually be somewhat jarring for those not accustomed to his signature looks, but it seems that during the gap between the old book and now he’s been working hard and some of the more rough elements of his work are now a thing of the past. One of the issues with his work in the past was the fact that all the characters seemed to take on a slightly too angular look, however this has somewhat lessened in this issue and although it may still be a bit off-putting at times the improvement is nice to see. He definitely deserves major props for the villain in this issue. His version of the Lizard is a huge blood thirsty looking creature who would have no problem at all taking of your head with their incredibly fearsome looking teeth.

If you’re thinking of picking up this book for a gritty story, then don’t. However, if your thinking of picking it up for an interesting story in the life of a young and troubled female character who still manages to crack wise and maintain a level of happiness then by all means go ahead and buy this! The creative team of this book is hardly one that has had huge issues but their were of course some issues with the last iteration of the book, such as not much on Gwen’s past and some aspects of the art. It seems that this time ’round however they’re determined to start strong with us finding out more about the Gwen of this world than has ever been revealed before. Plus, the art is great for this issue. If there is any point you should jump on the Spider- Gwen band wagon it is most assuredly now, especially with the conclusion of this issue.

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