Comic Review – All Star Batman #1

  • Writer: Scott Snyder
  • Art: John Romita Jr. and Declan Shalvey
  • Colors: Dean White
  • Letters: Steve Wands
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Publication Date: August 10, 2016

When it was announced by DC Comics that Scott Snyder would be stepping down as the writer on Batman, many fan’s hearts were crushed as he would be ending his run with issue 50 (for our review of issue 50 click here). They did however reveal not too long after announcing his departure, that Snyder would be writing a special series, titled All Star Batman. The new series would allow Snyder to continue to write stories he never got an opportunity to, along with working alongside some of the top artists in comics. 

All Star Batman #1

Brief Story Synopsis of All Star Batman #1

Batman is transporting Harvey Dent, or Two-Face, cross country to a secret “house” that he believes will help Harvey give up his Two-Face persona. Things don’t go according to plan as Dent let’s it be known that all the information that he gathered up, as district attorney and as a crime lord, is going to be leaked, unless someone breaks him out. Dent also promises to give his “champion” a major piece of his organization when he wreaks havoc on the remaining crime families. Batman has his hands full as villains from Gotham track him down, his plane has been shot down and now the local townspeople have taken Harvey’s offer and try to kill the bat. 

The Creative Team

At this point, Snyder can write this character in his sleep, he effortlessly is able to create new situations to put the character in that haven’t been done before. The idea of putting Batman and Two-Face in a Midnight Run style cross country road trip doesn’t sound like a story Batman would be in, but he makes it work so well. Snyder has been writing the character for over six years, he really understands the characters and the world so much that he can pluck them out of Gotham and let them loose on the rest of the world. 

In terms of John Romita Jr.’s artwork, it’s varied over the years and at times feels too chaotic. However, his art style fits perfectly for this kind of story and with the characters he gets to play with. His grittier style fits so well with the darker nature of Batman, and adding the country side setting really helps the artwork shine as he plays off the high flying action with the mundane scenery. The brilliance of the issue is the fact that Two-Face’s face is never revealed, not fully, his face is obscured by a mask with one eye hole cut out as Romita teases us with what deformed damage lies underneath. 

With a superstar creative team consisting of Snyder and Romita Jr., how can it turn out any other way than excellent. From Snyder’s brilliant story that shakes things up for the character to Romita and the rest of the art team’s gorgeous artwork, is there anyone better. 


Overall, All Star Batman #1  reminds us why Scott Snyder is one of the best working writers in the business, pairing him with another genius like John Romita Jr. proves to us that more things are to come from this dynamic duo.

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