Comic Review – The Legacy of Luther Strode #1

1_legacy_01_coverWriter: Justin Jordan
Artist: Tradd Moore
Colors: Felipe Sobreiro
Letters: Fonografiks
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 4/8/15

The final entry in the acclaimed Luther Strode trilogy begins this week, in the bloody, funny, and action packed fashion fans have come to enjoy. Starting as a skinny geek who sent away for a bodybuilding book, Luther Strode has been an aspiring hero and a murderous vigilante gifted with strange talents.  He’s suffered tragedies galore.  He’s been saved by the girl he loves.  He sought payback from the mysterious organization founded by the biblical Cain that have made him the man he is today.  And now, it’s time for him to save the day again.

Beginning with the story of Samson, we meet up with Luther and lover/partner in butt kicking Petra escaping custody after the aftermath of The Legend of Luther Strode. We skip forward five years to find out they’ve been living off the grid, away from civilization. However, the bloody rampage of Cain’s cult has begun anew, and Luther has to put a stop to it. Their first target: a brother-sister duo of Neo-Nazis on steroids.

Jordan weaves an action packed tale, that at its heart is the love story between Luther and Petra. Luther, now free from the darkness that possessed him in Legend, is truly heroic; and it’s great to see him compare his new philosophy against his opponent’s. He’s still an awkward and noble soul. Petra is feisty and hilarious; many of the best moments are her (often profanity laced) responses to the carnage her boyfriend gets into. You can see they truly love each other. Jordan also does an excellent job of retelling the Samson myth, lacing it with an air of foreboding.

The star here, though, is Moore, who once again provides us a bloody spectacle of action, gore, and might. Luther’s still a musclebound powerhouse, but now has an angelic look with his long blond hair and white clothes. Petra is a spunky punk vigilante. The Samson Moore draws is a far larger figure (and I include the hair in this), and he cuts a gore-tastic swath through his enemies with his favorite donkey jawbone. The fight between Luther and the Nazi twins is the most brutal in the series so far; complete with hair pulling, crotch shots, and blows that visibly rock the fabric of physics. Fonografiks provides excellent colors; whether its the bloody mess Samson creates, or just Luther and Petra having a quiet moment in the woods.

Jordan and Moore continue to prove that Luther Strode is an awesome series.  It’s a shame to see that this one will be his final bow. He is in for one great adventure, but a happy ending might not be guaranteed. If you’re a fan of the previous stories, you should rush to your nearest comic store for this issue. If you are a newcomer to the series, go read the first two stories, and then go buy your copy! Either way, you’re in for a fun ride… just be aware it’s a bloody one.

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