Comic Review- Thors #1

  • Writer:Jason Aaron
  • Artist: Chris Sprouse
  • Colours: Marte Gracia
  • Inks: Karl Story
  • Letters:Joe Sabino
  • Cover:Chris Sprouse
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Release Date: 17th June 2015

Thors #1 is half buddy cop story and half crime show. Which you would think it wouldn’t work out, but the many Thors as detectives is surprisingly interesting to read. The issue mainly focuses on the Thor of the ultimate universe and his partner Beta Ray Bill Thor.  The other Thors are more like the supporting cast of a crime show.

Aaron’s writing for this really shows off two things.  First: He knows all about Marvel’s many Thors and will probably include as many of them as he possibly can (even Frog Thor is in this issue, as a forensic scientist no less!) Second, getting to write Thor as a police force of many different Thors is an idea he is clearly super on-board with.  His enjoyment is really reflected in his writing. Despite the fact that the comic actually has a pretty gritty tone with the Thor Police attempting to hunt down a serial killer, the issue itself actually a fun read. Unlike many of the current Secret Wars titles, this one seems significant to the overall Secret Wars world, as the Thor Police are the only crime fighting force on all of Battleword.

Sprouse’s art for the issue is full of solid lines.  No bizarre facial expressions, here! There’s also few wide-screen shots that really showcase the talent of Gracia, Sprouse, and Story. Ultimate Thor has the look of a worn out detective which is great. However, at times the bright coloring of the issue seems inappropriate for the dark story of a serial killer who always kills the same person.

Thors #1 is a decent comic, but it is not as good as the Thor before Secret Wars. However, with Secret Wars continuing on for some time, this comic is entertaining enough to read until the MU goes back to whatever the new normal for Marvel will be.

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