Comic Review – Titans Hunt #3

  • Writer: Dan Abnett
  • Artists: Paulo Siquera, Geraldo Borges and Jackson Herbert
  • Colourist: Hi-Fi
  • Letters: Carlos M. Mangual
  • Cover Art: Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Release Date: December 23rd 2015

Titans Hunt is heating up. For the most part it seems like the drama is only just really beginning for the original titans as they continue to slowly find their way to the hidden past they’re beginning to realize that they may all have together. The ramifications of this discovery may in fact prove fatal for the some of the characters in play, but at least Donna Troy remains a boss.

TITANS HUNT #3 Cover by Yanick Paquette
TITANS HUNT #3 Cover by Yanick Paquette

The task of trying to bring the original Teen Titans history into the new 52 is a momentous one. Thankfully, Abnett is so far managing the task quite well. However, whether or not his slow burn remains interesting for the whole nine issues remains to be seen. He continues in the style of jumping around between the protagonists of the series, and this issue is pivotal as many of them seem to be slowly awakening to the fact that they all have a connection. Donna, Dick, and Garth at first try to fight it out and then slowly realise that they may have known each other for longer than the few minutes they’d been fighting. Especially since Donna seems to recall the fact that Dick once went by the name ‘Robin’. However, Abnett will have to have a master stroke in plot to figure out just how Donna, who’s only recently existed can be connected to the others. He does get some huge points for the villain in this issue though, the mysterious person seems to be haunting Lilith and his intentions for the old titans are definitely far from pleasant. Considering how Abnett finishes off the issue it looks like the villain will soon be stepping into the light as he calls the titans to him, for whatever nefarious purpose he has in mind.

The art on this issue is handled by three different artists, which you think would mean that the art work would be stellar. This couldn’t be further from the truth. For the majority of this issue the art is just flat out poor. The fight scenes have fairly good life to them, the moment where Donna knocks  Garth into the sea is truly wonderful. Other than that though  the art is either bog standard or bad. Garth’s surprised, slack-jawed face at the teen titans club is very different to a surprised face. It’s uncomfortably more like a face you’d expect for a sort of scene that involves less clothes, and the urge to laugh is not what you want when the drama is supposed to be boiling up. The art team has a nice touch when it comes to Lilith at least. In the moment where the villain is making demands of her she’s cast in deep shadow and does look genuinely horrified by his presence. So the art work does still have a few diamond in the rough moments, but there is a lot of rough in this issue.

This comic is important for the DCU. It may be a slow burner but the ramifications of this series could mean a spin out to a fully fledged titans comic. This will only happen if the writing remains decent and the art improves though, some bigger drama and some better art definitely needs to be implemented, but Titans Hunt #3 definitely manages to build towards a higher revelation for the potential team.

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