Comic Review – Wonder Woman #39

  • Wonder Woman #39 pic 1Writer: Meredith Finch
  • Penciller: David Finch
  • Inker: Jonathan Glapion
  • Colourist: Sonia Oback
  • Produced by: DC Comics
  • Release Date: February 18th 2015

It’s covers like this I live for. Finch and Oback have created a cover that portrays such a sense of heartbreak, I can’t help but feel sorry for Diana. Even battered, bloodied and bruised, I’ve never seen Wonder Woman look so broken, and I am excited to see what happens within this issue to make Diana feel this way.

Diana and the people of Themyscira have been through a lot over the past few issues, and finally it comes to a head, with warrior pitted against warrior, and no one seems more qualified to draw this than David Finch. He can create pieces of art that make you laugh, cry, and a myriad of other emotions. Diana, Queen of Themyscira, Wonder Woman and Diana, God of War all make an appearance in this issue, and each persona has different facial expressions, a different fighting style and different mannerisms, all thanks to the artistic ability of Finch.

Aiding Finch with his artwork is Oback, who provides just the right amount, and the right shade, of colour to set the scenes perfectly. The last page is simply sensational, and is a true credit to the ability of Finch, Glapion and Oback.

Meredith Finch hasn’t been with Wonder Woman for very long, but you can’t tell. The past few issues have been amazing. Diana is shown to have struggled immensely with her warring personalities, and the reanimation of Donna Troy to serve as some kind of ‘leader’ to the Amazon nation was truly inspired.

Whether she realised it or not, Diana has needed help to come to terms with what it means to be the God of War, a founding member of the Justice League, and a successful Queen of the Amazons, all at the same time, and that help comes in the form of her dearly departed mother. Her inclusion, as well as the inclusion of Batman and Superman, have made this an exceptional issue, and definitely one not to be missed. Not only that, but it sets the scene perfectly for a more action packed issue, one I intend not to miss.

Wonder Woman #39 pic 2


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