Comic Review- Wonder Woman #41

  • Writer: Meredith Finch
  • Penciller: David Finch
  • Inkers: Jonathan Glapion (1-17) Johnny Desjardins (18-20)
  • Colourist: Brad Anderson
  • Release Date: June 17th 2015
  • Published by: DC Comics

There are no words in the English language, or not that I know of, that properly explain just how I feel about this cover. I mean really, this is just truly breath taking. As a general rule I don’t like change, especially not to comic book characters I’m obsessed with (I mean invested in obviously! :D), but this Wonder Woman is absolutely stunning. The costume makes her look fiercer, more determined, and it fits perfectly with the changes she’s undergone over the past few issues. Congrats to Finch, Glapion, and Anderson for creating such a thing of beauty.

Wonder Woman #41 pic 1

Finch, Glapion, Desjardins, and Anderson make a fantastic team. This is a huge turning point for Wonder Woman, and it could easily have gone terribly wrong. Luckily for us, everything is perfect. The recurring characters of Zola, Zeke, and Hera haven’t changed much. Olympus seems to be doing them good, and as for Donna, learning that everything she knew was a lie has definitely taken its toll on her. The most entertaining part of this entire comic, and definitely the best illustrated page is the new costume reveal. And, as you well know, this wouldn’t be a Wonder Woman comic if it didn’t contain a bit of action. Overall, the artwork in this comic is absolutely perfect.

Wonder Woman #41 pic 2

As I mentioned in my review for the Wonder Woman Annual, Meredith has made huge strides since she began writing for this series. The storylines she has created have been among the best, if not THE BEST storylines of the entire Wonder Woman series. This storyline is shaping to follow in those very footsteps. I’ve said before in a few of my previous reviews, but I enjoy how Finch manages to portray Wonder Woman as all of these different characters, having all of these different roles and responsibilities, while still managing to keep to the Wonder Woman we all know and love. This issue is fantastic as it follows on perfectly from the War Torn storyline, while bringing up issues Wonder Woman has battled since the beginning of the new 52. The idea to give Wonder Woman a new costume was a very brave one to have, as many fans don’t appreciate change, but I think it’s paid off. It signifies her evolution, not only as a hero, a Goddess, and a Leader, but as a person. As Wonder Woman herself said, she is no longer a girl anymore, and this costume proves that point perfectly.


The team has taken a risky move inventing a new costume, and even though I really like it, some people probably won’t. It will be interesting to see just how the fans react, but regardless of their reactions, I found this to be a highly entertaining issue. It’s not as fast paced as the past few issues have been, but it makes a huge impact, and that’s all that really matters. The main focus of this issue is really the impact Diana’s journey has had on her. I think it’s a huge turning point for the character, and I am anxious to see the effect such a huge decision has on the rest of the series.

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