Comic Review – Wonder Woman #42

  • Writer: Meredith Finch
  • Penciller: David Finch
  • Inkers: Jonathan Glapion (1-12, 14, 16-22) Johnny Desjardins (13, 15)
  • Colorist: Brad Anderson
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Release Date: 22nd July 2015

This front cover is simply sensational. The artistic ability David Finch possesses never ceases to amaze me. The attention to detail is spot on, and even with there being two characters dominating this front cover, they’re both drawn in so much detail it’s simply astounding. Working with Finch to create this thing of beauty are Glapion and Anderson, who transform Finch’s drawings into the colourful masterpieces you see here. It truly is an amazing cover, and if the artwork inside is anything like this then we’re in for a real treat.Wonder Woman #42 pic 1

The whole artistic team have certainly pulled out all the stops when creating this issue of Wonder Woman. Finch’s drawings are fantastic; there are two very different versions of Diana presented in this issue, and he portrays them perfectly. There’s ‘Lady D’, the fun loving, club going woman, who dances to unwind, and kicks some sexist ass; and Wonder Woman. The bad guy–Aegeus, is shown through flashbacks to be a confused young man, the disbelief on his face is almost real. It blows my mind that someone can draw a comic book character in so much detail, their facial expressions provoke such a strong reaction in the reader. The colours are absolutely perfect, and make this fantastically illustrated comic even better. I think people forget how important the colouring is to a comic, but its issues like this that highlight just how the use of different colours can change the entire feel of a scene. The artistic team are the most consistent when it comes to creating fantastic comics, and this Wonder Woman series will definitely benefit from keeping them on for the foreseeable future.

Meredith Finch just keeps getting better and better. The storylines she’s created, especially over the past few issues, have been so intense, it’s nice to see that Wonder Woman has been afforded the chance to unwind. The big bad (that we were introduced to last issue) is back, and now more of his backstory has been revealed. It’s an interesting twist to this tale, and one that spells trouble for the God of War. Aegeus has discovered that he is the great great grandson of Poseidon, and though the blood of a god runs through his veins, it’s diluted enough for Godhood to have not been bestowed upon him. Wonder Woman, as the God of War and a very public figure, is an easy target for his rage; and his as of yet unknown master, is expertly pulling his strings in an attempt to rid the world of Wonder Woman for good.

This issue doesn’t heavily include Wonder Woman, and while that may seem odd, it’s a good thing. Aegeus’ identity is important for the development of the story, and what better way for it to be revealed than a beautifully detailed history lesson. Donna Troy’s inclusion in this issue is a nice touch too, it’s nice to see that such an important character in the entire Wonder Woman franchise isn’t pushed to the back burner. She’s not my favourite Wonder Girl, but Donna Troy was definitely deserving of the title. I wonder, to what extent, she’ll be included in Wonder Woman’s continuing adventures.Wonder Woman #42 pic 2


Overall, this is an exceptional issue of Wonder Woman. The artwork perfectly accompanies the storyline, and the tale it tells is a completely new twist on things. This entire creative team just keeps getting better and better, and I hope they continue to work for this series for a very long time. With this storyline unfolding as it is, I can’t wait to see what happens next. And as I said last month: Wonder Woman’s new outfit is awesome!

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