Comic Review – Wytches #4

  • Story: Scott Snyder
  • Art: Jock
  • Colors: Matt Hollingsworth
  • Letters: Clem Robbins
  • Cover: Jock
  • Publisher: Image Comics

Charlie is hell bent on finding his daughter.  And considering that Sailor’s been kidnapped by terrifying monsters, that’s not going to be easy. After his run in with the bald woman and his with talk  to the cops about what happened, Charlie has decided to listen to the words of the mysterious woman and has gone off to get some answers, kitchen knife in hand.

Nothing creepy about an abandoned amusement park...nothing at allMeanwhile, Sailor has woken up underground atop a pile of children’s clothes. Fearing for her life, she tries to find her way out. The issue runs flashbacks between the two storylines, to a time when Charlie didn’t understand Sailor’s anxieties and pushed her a little too far. It involves a ferris-wheel and alcohol, two things that generally should not go together. We’re able to see how far both of them have come, but it may be too late. Who exactly is Charlie, anyway?

I was hoping that by the fourth issue we would have seen more of the wytches, but I can’t fault Snyder for building the suspense. Since this is only a six issue series, I know the climax is coming soon. I
just wish we got to see more about the wytches instead of just hearing so much about them. It’s a good sign that I am so invested in this series, despite that. I can’t wait to see what Snyder and Jock have in store once they bring out their titular monsters. The suspense may not be killing me, but it is definitely gnawing.

Here’s the thing about Sailor and Charlie’s relationship: it’s far from perfect.  We see that it hasn’t always been as good as it is now.  Charlie still cared, but didn’t show it in the best way. Their flaws allow you to root for them against the evil they are facing. Wytches is not just about the monsters and the death, it’s about family.Nothing bad will happen here at all

Nothing about Jock’s art stood out to me this time around, unfortunately. It continues to be trippy and consistent but, like I said in my last review, I have grown tired of the paint splash effect on every page. It does have a haunting element, infusing the pages with a visual sense of horror that Snyder’s words may not be able to capture on their own. Together they are a solid team who continue to create a book that’s downright chilling.

With two issues left in the series, I’m glad we got to delve further into character relationships before the climatic appearance of the wytches. If I could brew a potion that could pour out the rest of this series I would be delighted, but since alchemy isn’t my strong suit I’ll just have to wait like everybody else!

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