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Comics Portal: Are Green Lantern’s Best Days Behind Him?


A couple of weeks back, I talked about Geoff Johns leaving Green Lantern after nine great years on the title.

Looks like he’s taking the current creative teams in the GL family with him. told fans about just who would be working on the individual books in a recent story:

  • Green Lantern will be written by Robert Venditti with art by Billy Tan (who drew the above illustration)
  • Green Lantern Corps is to be written by Josh Fialkov with art by Bernard Chang
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians will be written by Justin Jordan with art by Brad Walker
  • Josh Fialkov will write Red Lanterns with art by Alessandro Vitti
  • Larfleeze will be written by Keith Giffen with art by Scott Kolins

I would have rather had most of the current folks stick around, or even perhaps change titles. But it apparently seemed like a good time for the entire bunch to move on to other projects.

I’m sad about that.

Of course, new people can infuse new blood and enthusiasm into a comic, so that’s the positive way to look at it.

But it’s been much more likely the case over time that when a successful team moves on, the people who come in aren’t quite as good as the people who upgraded the books. In my experience, the new folks go down a peg. When they don’t do as well, they leave soon after, and another creative team comes on, and they don’t measure up as well either.

Before long, the company is wondering if it’s time to cancel those comics.

And poor Green Lantern hasn’t had a lot of success compared to Batman or Superman, even in movies or TV.

DC Comics, Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, Geoff Johns, Wayne Hall,  Filmation, Superman, Batman, Justice League of AmericaThe Green Lantern motion picture doesn’t appear to have a sequel coming anytime in the future. (I happened to like that movie, by the way.) Also, we recently found out that Cartoon Network was not going to renew Green Lantern: The Animated Series, a show I passionately love!

Old GL hasn’t been given the spotlight much in his history. He had stories in the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure by Filmation back in the day, and was even in the “Justice League of America” segments that appeared. But he wasn’t in the original Super Friends, appearing only occasionally as the series progressed.

He has appeared in the direct-to-DVD animated films from DC/Warner Bros. with some success, but there’s no indication of a GL cartoon coming from them anytime soon, either. I guess Nathan Fillon will have to keep on keeping on Castle for ABC.

I’d hate to see all this quality fizzle out on us. We need other DC heroes appearing in movies and television. With computer graphics as advanced as they are now, Hal Jordan is a perfect choice.

I’ll give the new creators their fair shot, just as I have the entire “New 52.” I just hope they build on what Johns has created, and take us places even he couldn’t imagine, and do that well!

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