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Comics Portal: Batman’s The Zero Year Coming

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No, it won’t replace Batman’s origin story. Instead, it will fill in the gaps of how Batman became the hero he is! It’s an 11-part story called “The Zero Year,” and it will begin in June.

On Monday, Scott Snyder told the Associated Press the following: “It’s time for a new story showing how Batman became who he is in the New 52.”

“It’s not ‘let’s redo the origin,’” he said. This decision was based on the success of the New 52 since it began a year and a half ago. Fans will see how the crime fighter found his calling and what challenges he faced when first donning the mantle of the Dark Knight.

“We tried to preserve as much of Batman’s history as we could and keep what we could of this history intact,” Snyder said of this event he’s creating with ongoing artist Greg Capullo. “It’s ‘The Zero Year,’ the one that no one has told the story of before. We see how Bruce became the Batman, built the cave, faced off with his first super villain.”

“We’re not going to take apart ‘Year One,’” Snyder said, referring to the Frank Miller/David Mazzucchelli four-issue tale. Instead Snyder, an Eagle Award-winning writer, will give readers new glimpses into the Bob Kane-created character who made his first appearance in the pages of Detective Comics #27 way back in May, 1939.

“It’s time for a new story showing how Batman became who he is in the New 52,” said Snyder. “It builds up the mythology.”

Of course, not everyone is happy to hear about this. Some feel that many of the New 52 stories have gone on too long, including the Court of Owls tale that took a year.  Also, others think this story shouldn’t interrupt the current tales being told in Batman.

But I think Mr. Snyder and Co. have known just how long a story will take, such as the Joker’s recent battle with Batman and family. So I’m willing to let the gang tell the stories they want to tell.

And as a long-time Batman fan, I couldn’t be happier! I’ll be ready for to June arrive and for “The Zero Year” to get underway!

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