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Comics Portal: Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 is Coming!

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It’s rare when a video actually captures much of the essence of a comic, particularly a classic one.

But if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1, you’ve been missing something special! It literally gives me the feeling I had when I read the first two chapters of Frank Miller’s landmark series, and that’s quite an accomplishment!

I mean, the voice selections and the animation are wonderful, in my opinion. And I’m a BIG Kevin Conroy fan, so having Peter Weller deliver a Batman voice this appropriate for an older Dark Knight really was something.

And I loved the sequence where Batman sails through the night with a lightning bolt striking behind him. It reminded me of that wonderful first cover that still gives me chills!

Not to mention the incredible theme music. You have to get to the end of the first part to hear it, but I still love listening to it. So perfect for this production.

Now, if you’re waiting for the final video to arrive to watch both of them together (which is for the more patient among us), you don’t have long to hold on. The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 hits the stores on January 29. Personally, I can’t wait!

We didn’t get to hear Michael Emerson do much of the Joker the first go-round, but what I saw really grabbed me. The star of Lost, Person of Interest and The Practice doing the Clown Prince of Crime? I want to experience that!

In order to prepare, you should watch the two videos below. First up is the official trailer:


Next is the first brief clip released, which focuses on an important sequence when Batman has to take on the GCPD:


I know this is the last of the direct-to-DVD videos from Warner Bros. focusing on the DC heroes, but what a way to end a series I’ve truly enjoyed. I know we’ll see more videos moving forward, but Bruce Timm has continued to school us in how to tell powerful stories via animation. I hope we’ll still get to enjoy that in the years ahead!

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