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Comics Portal: DC Hopes Fans Will Ask, “WTF?”

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Any comics reader today knows that events are big business. A publisher like Marvel and/or DC will have up to four of these going at any time. Why? Because they sell!

For example, at DC we’re currently seeing “Death of the Family” and “Throne of Atlantis.” At Marvel, “Age of Ultron” is about to kick off.

I’m not a huge fan of such things. I prefer to plunk down my money on a great monthly title instead of having to track down all the pieces/parts in “events,” but some of them are surely worth the buying.

Recently, DC has announced that April will be “WTF Certified.” Since I prefer family-oriented language, I’ll define WTF as “What the frell,” à la Farscape. DC has said that the “New 52” issues during April will “leave readers in a state of shock.” In other words, there will be big surprises ahead.

If you don’t like hints or spoilers, don’t venture any further! If you’re still around, here are some of the hints that have been sent our way as to what will go on then:

  • Booster Gold reappears while an entire team disappears
  • One team is trapped in a bottle while another is changed completely
  • Some heroes change their colors and others change allegiances
  • Pandora battles to the death
  • A close encounter of the Dark Knight kind
  • There’s a new, old Creeper and some old New Gods
  • One hero quits, and another hero dies

Solicitations for April make it pretty easy for me to guess some of these. Time-travelling Booster Gold will meet Jonah Hex in All-Star Western, if the cover is any indication. Orion from the New Gods has already begun appearing in Wonder Woman, so it’s likely where the rest will appear.

DC Comics, WTF?, Nightwing, Talon, Batman, Creeper, Steve Ditko, Booster Gold, Trapping a team in a bottle sounds like the city of Kandor, so Superman must be involved somehow. Batwing apparently hangs up his ears as well. Sounds like Stormwatch will be the group to disappear into another dimension, while it seems the Steve Ditko creation the Creeper will appear in Nightwing, who is surrounded by laughter – a trademark of the character (see the cover above).

Regarding the close encounter of the Dark Knight kind, I’d have to put my money on Batman appearing in Talon. When I interviewed James Tynion IV during a recent episode of my Wayne’s Comics podcast, he mentioned that the Dark Knight just might get wind of a talon running around without his approval. Sounds like a great confrontation to me, if it’s true!

Will ALL fans go WTF? to every “surprise?” It’s doubtful, but DC’s had their share of success with the number one and zero issues as well as their smaller events. I’ll be anxious to see what kinds of curveballs the creators want to throw our way. And hey, who knows what DC has in mind for the second anniversary of the début of the “New 52” in September?

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