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Comics Portal: It Really is Going to be Called Batman and …

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The talk of the comics industry remains last week’s death of Damian Wayne, and DC is moving in a direction I didn’t expect they would!

In last week’s DC Comics And Beyond column, I reviewed Batman, Incorporated #8 and said the following: “Another thing to remember is that there’s an ongoing monthly comic called Batman and Robin. What, are they going to change the title of the book to Batman and … ? Not very likely!”

Well, I have to eat crow (or Robin, as it were) because DC is changing Batman and Robin to a team-up book … for now!

To check out the cover for Batman and Robin #18, look above to see the Dark Knight without his sidekick. But as noted at, here’s what the book will be called in the months ahead:

  • #19 — Batman and Red Robin
  • #20 — Batman and Red Hood
  • #21 — Batman and Batgirl
  • #22 — Batman and Catwoman
  • #23 — Batman and Nightwing

It’s easy to notice that these guest stars are all in the Bat-family, so it’s likely they will be biding time until Damian gets his dip in the pool of resurrection, which is still how I think he’ll be back.

When asked by CBR if Red Robin was taking over as Batman’s partner in that title (since Tim Drake hadn’t been working with Batman before in the new continuity), Peter Tomasi responded this way: “I will say that I didn’t want to take the usual road that’s been travelled when it comes to the ‘Batman needs a Robin’ angle. There are five stages of grief, and we intend to explore it in a very visceral way … Let’s just say there’s a big, epic picture in view over the horizon, but there’s plenty of lightning storms and hurricanes for myself, Pat Gleason and our partners in crime Mick Gray and John Kalisz to still fly through before it all becomes clear.”

All I ask is that Damian doesn’t come back as a ghost and haunt Robin’s body, which has been inhabited by the mind of the Joker. Guh!

In related news, other comics in the Bat family will respond to Damian’s death, with covers and stories discussing the event. Should be interesting! Below you can find the cover for Batgirl #18:

Comics Portal: It Really is Going to be Called Batman and ...

However, don’t get too comfortable without Damian around. He’ll be back before long.

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