5 Comics Turned Into Slot Games


5 Comics That Turned Into Slot Games


It’s not just movies that take their cues from successful comic books. Although given how many have been released in recent years, it’s hard to remember a time when comic books did anything other than turn into movies. They can turn into syndicated television shows as well and show up on your Netflix account. And then get mysteriously canceled when they’re doing really well as Daredevil did. Plenty of tie-in video games take the heroes, villains, and legends of comic books and make them interactive and playable, too. And then there are the gambling companies.

Gambling isn’t as niche as it used to be in days of old. The people who make slot games have diversified their offerings to take into account the particular tastes of their potential customers. That means football fans can play slot games based on football. Music fans can play slot games which feature their favorite artists and bands. And, yes, comic book fans can play slot games which contain comic book characters.

It should be no surprise that such games exist. Comic books are wildly popular. And anywhere there’s a dedicated fan base, there’s a possibility those fans will spend their money on products that feature their favorites. We’re not here to convince anyone to gamble, but for those of you who do, you could do a lot worse than head over to EgyptSlots.com. Onc can sort through their impressive library of different online slots to see if you can find any of your comic heroes appearing on the reels. For those who do enjoy a gamble, the games are a lot of fun to play and go out of their way to make the most of the title they’ve been licensed from. Here are five of the best!

5 Comics That Turned Into Slot GamesThe Incredible Hulk 

We’d tell you that this slot game is incredible, but that would be a terrible pun, so we won’t (even though we just did). Marvel actually have something of a template to making slot games; there have been a lot of them and many of them have a similar look and feel to them. ‘The Incredible Hulk’ is one of the best of their range.

This is a classic style five reel game with great graphics and some really inventive bonus rounds. As you’d expect, everybody’s favorite angry green guy called Bruce is front and center wherever you look. And if you can activate the bonuses you might get to play the Smash mini-game, whereas the Hulk you throw fire hydrants at police cars, getting different rewards for each one you hit. There are twenty-five different winning lines to find, too.


There are actually several slot games which have a Batman tie-in, but for this list, we’re taking the one with the most straightforward name, which is just ‘Batman’. Instead of using visuals from any of the movies, this one is a comic book all the way, which is probably why we like it so much.

Set on a dark and rainy night in Gotham city, this is a really atmospheric title. It has excellent visuals and uses of the Batman universe. The caped crusader is joined by the Joker and Commissioner Gordon as the game progresses. There’s a great bonus round called ‘Descent Into Madness’. The goal is do battle with Arkham Asylum inmates in an effort to capture the Joker. If you’re able to do so, your reward is a payout of 100 times your initial bet. Be warned, it isn’t easy!


Like Batman, there are a number of different slot games which feature Superman. Also like Batman, we prefer the one with the most basic name. You can play specifically themed games based around a number of the Superman movies. But this one focuses on the comics in terms of its appearance. That’s always going to get approval from us.

There are fifty different paylines on this game, which is a generous offering. In the ‘Save The World’ feature (see if you can guess what it involves from the name?), you control Superman as he flies through space, destroying meteors and missiles to win cash prizes. Navigate that successfully and you also get to fly across the arctic landscape to find three safes. One contains Lex Luthor (winning you 100 times your stake), one contains some hostages who will reward you for their freedom with a random prize, and one contains kryptonite, which ends the game and loses you your money. That might seem harsh, but it’s called ‘gambling’ for a reason!

5 Comics That Turned Into Slot GamesGreen Lantern 

This is yet another quality tie into the DC Comics universe. ‘Green Lantern’ is a five reel, fifty payline game with bright, vibrant colors that looks great to play. It really is like watching a comic book come to life. It also suggests that players can expect a return of over 90% of what they put in overtime, which means a good chance of a win.

The best of the bonus features is a straight-up battle between the titular hero and arch nemesis Sinestro. Victory over Sinestro brings a reward of 100 times your stake – seemingly a recurring feature in the better games – with a smaller prize still available if you lose at this stage.

The Amazing Spider-Man 

All of the big comic book heroes have several games based around their lore; ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is just about the pick of the Spider-Man titles. It’s the truest to the comic book style and has the best bonus features. Some of the bonuses in these games can almost make you forget you’re playing an online slot at all. It feels more like a video game.

The ‘Venom’ feature is the best thing about this game; it activates a well-animated chase game where you have a choice of streets to swing down in pursuit of Venom. There are few crime scenes that you may encounter on the way which throw up their own challenges. But capturing Venom will bring you the top prize this game offers.

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