ComiXology Celebrates Massive Sales With Free Comics!

Comic book day is always a time for joy and happiness. Each Wednesday millions of us set out to obtain our pull-down list of the week’s new releases. Once upon a time that meant making the journey in the cold and rain to the local comic book store to pay money for print versions and risk spoiling them on the way home.

If you’re as unlucky as me then your nearest comic book store is an eighteen mile round trip in to the centre of a large city full of people who have never taken a driving lesson and just brought a car on a whim. I always hoped for a better way, and thanks to ComiXology all of that crap is a thing of the past. Thanks to these lovely people it’s possible to get the latest comics, the same day as release, on your friggin mobile phone! How future is that?










So it comes as no surprise that that the hit website/App is about to hit sales of 100,000,000 and to celebrate this fact they are giving away a free comic every day until they reach the hundred million mark. Co-founder and CEO David Steinberger said:

This has been a banner year for comiXology. We have dedicated ourselves to expanding the comic book audience by delivering the best consumer experience, and it’s fantastic to see that unfold. We started the year cresting 50 million downloads, two and a half years after launch; we added the next 50 million more than 3 times as fast. We are spreading the love of comics.

With the other guy, co-founder John D. Roberts, adding

It’s dizzying to look back at the last 12 months and see that we’ve been the top grossing iPad app in the entire iTunes App Store almost 90% of all Wednesdays. ComiXology’s mission is to bring comics to everyone everywhere and – looking at crossing this 100 million download milestone – it certainly feels like we are making good on that promise.













Check the website or your Apps for details on this offer as well as a funky count up clock to inform you of the amount of sales and how far off the hundred mil mark they are. I don’t think this giveaway will last too long due to the popularity of the site so get your ass over there now and see what you can get!!!!

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