TV Review – Constantine: Danse Vaudou

Although I’ve never left my country, I’ve been afraid of the streets of Louisiana since The Skeleton Key, reason why the groovy jazz piece that opened “Danse Vaudou” never fooled me, I knew it would be a creepy episode to watch! Apart from the three ghosts, the most frightening thing to deal with was Matt Ryan’s new accent! I don’t get the thing with the switching of accents.

As previously promised by Daniel Cerone to IGN, we are introduced to The Spectre right at the opening of the episode. Detective Jim Corrigan coming God knows where from decides to go pee in an alley and is interrupted by a pretty lady in a facial mask who stabs another woman with a pair of fabric scissors.



That’s just undead spirit number one out of three, conjured by Papa Midnite, on the run killing the living. And to capture them, Constantine partners up with Midnite, Zed partners with Corrigan and Chas will work by himself. You’d think this would be a very exciting episode, but it was actually pretty uneventful.

Thumbs up: 

– Constantine starts to look like a mix of James Bond and Inspector Gadget by now, making use of ancient artifacts and mysterious gizmos. He’s got both the charisma of the first and the inventiveness of the second no doubt.


– Good to see Midnite’s dead sister Cedilla’s skull and the tender way he communicates with her seeking answers from the underworld.


– The Danse Vaudou performed by Midnite and John together was a great scene. That they failed together to stop the undead killers, epic comedy.



Thumbs down:

– How come Papa Midnite, as powerful a voodoo priest and sorcerer as he is, had no idea he was not just communicating with the dead but also bringing them back? I don’t buy it, sorry.

– Who on Earth would stop for a hitchhiker late night in the middle of nowhere?


– Will anyone please teach Zed a different expression?


– I wish the repetition of ‘the darkness is coming’ were either a parody of Game of Thrones ‘winter is coming’ or that it made sense like ‘May the Force be with you’. It’s getting annoying to hear it.

darkness is coming


Note of interest: 

There isn’t a correct answer for the question “do you think I’m a pretty?” – you’d better run for your life if you’re ever posed with that question!


See you all next week!



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