Constantine Reboot Ago For HBOMax

Constantine To Return To The Small Screen

John Constantine, that petty dabbler in the Dark Arts, is coming back to television. Granted, he hasn’t gone far. Matt Ryan has played the trickster mage in live-action and animation since 2014. Ryan first played the role in 2014’s short-lived Constantine series on NBC, before reprising the character for Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. The Irish-born actor has also voiced the character for several animated projects. Keanu Reeves also played the character in a 2005 film that was considered a radical departure.

But now, Liverpool’s least favorite son is coming to HBOMax. JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot studio is rebooting the franchise as part of a Justice League Dark initiative. Guy Bolton has been tapped to write the series’ pilot, that casts John as a “young Londoner”. Bolton will also run the writers’ room for the series. Bolton is considered an up-and-coming writer in the British TV and Film world, thus adding more cachet to the project.

A New Constantine For A New Decade

With a reboot often comes a passing of the torch. It is unlikely that Ryan will be asked to reprise his now signature role. The reports are that the studio is looking for a diverse actor to play the erstwhile mage. With this of course has come to the predictable overreaction by some corners, but the new performer would reflect a more modern world. The plan is that the series is to be a lot darker than even the 2014 series, which was show-run by David S. Goyer.

A Brief History Of John Constantine

First appearing as part of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing saga, John Constantine is a mage, a con artist, and a very troubled soul. A punk rocker turned occultist, John has constantly crossed paths with demons and superheroes alike. Usually, he leaves everyone who encounters him wanting never to do so again. The character was also one of the few that aged in real time, ending his Vertigo series in his 60s. A much more youthful John Constantine rejoined the DC Universe in 2011, as part of the New 52. He has been a regular ever since, usually as part of the Justice League Dark. He is still, however, in his own words “an unrepentant bastard.” Meanwhile, in the real world, his past writers and artists swear to have met the character, and often leave wherever they are as fast as possible. After all, nothing good happens around John Constantine. 

No premiere or filming date has been announced for this new series. Word of the Nerd will continue to keep an eye on this story.



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