TV Review – Constantine: S01E06 and S01E07

Hi all!

It’s been a month since we last talked Constantine, Did you miss me? December was a crazy month for me and it was just last night I managed to catch up with episodes 6, 7 and 8.

Maybe it’s because of the holidays, maybe it’s the 32° C we’ve had every day this week down here, but I come with a quite positive review of what I’ve seen in these episodes. Let’s get it started!


S01EO6 – Rage of Caliban

Constantine episode 6 brought together four of  the things that scary me the most: darkness, the idea of monsters in the closet, children possessed by evil spirits (started when I was a child myself, after watching Children of the Corn) and haunted houses in amusement parks (seriously, why?).

Is it necessary to say I was scared to death?

Rage of Caliban was supposed to have aired as episode 2, hence the absence of Zed (by the way, ‘art class’ has got to be the lamest excuse ever to explain why she wasn’t around).


Constantine and Chas go to Birmingham, Alabama to investigate a murder in which both parents were killed but their only child was spared.



They soon discover it to be a string of murders connected to Marcello, a catatonic man in a mental hospital who was involved in one of the cases 30 years ago. In the end it was his the spirit which possessed the children.



Constantine is hinted at that from his first meeting with the man, but it takes him an encounter with a three-legged deer and a failed spell to be sure.


While there were positive aspects, like John and Chas’s connectedness becoming more and more visible, there was Manny repeating ‘there is a darkness coming’ and you know how it gets to my nerves. Plus, the producers insist in picturing John as being irresistible to women – his waking up in a random girl’s bed and having to escape through the window because her boyfriend was about to arrive, give me a break, definitely unnecessary.


But the main plot was reasonable, camera work did quite a good job at making the episode suspenseful set-pieces more vivid and photography was beautiful.


S01E07 – Blessed are the damned

Episode 7 starts with Zed still in art class – she had been there for a week and we don’t see anything she produced! After having a vision of snakes at her feet, she goes home to tell John about it and they drive all the way to Kentucky to investigate a sudden wave of miracles being performed at Briarwood revival church, run by siblings Sarah and Zach,  who after dying from a poisonous snake bite, returns from the dead with healing powers.


Thumbs up:

– Excellent plot-twist with the sweet fragile angel Imogen revealing her true evil and revengeful nature.


– Manny surprises everybody by finally taking some action and avoiding Zed’s death. I almost felt sorry for him for there will be consequences for what he’s done.


– We need more mysterious characters to keep us coming back to the show. Bring them!

Thumbs down:

– The misplaced joke with the condoms. As if he would have the time to bang anyone.

Sem título

See, I wasn’t that mean today, was I?!

Despite the news NBC has put the show on hold, there is hope Constantine might be renewed for season 2. #SaveConstantine has been trending on Twitter in the U.S. while the show is aired.

We’ll talk about episode 8, The Saint of Last Resorts – part 1 on the weekend, after part 2 airs next Friday.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year!


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