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This post was originally published at Fandomfest blog on March 14

The hits of the 2013 convention tour keep on rolling!  Your intrepid gamer spent the last few weekends at Cincycon in wonderful Cincinnatti, Ohio and hung out with his new friends at the Louisville Arcade Expo!

Cincycon is, in the humble opinion of yours truly, one of the best home grown gaming conventions in the area.  With a tip of the hat to Jim Fox and his staff, it’s a true gaming convention.  It is all gaming, all the time at the con.  No celebs, no authors, no guest filk artists, just bring your dice and get your smack-down on.  And perhaps no game highlighted that fact better than ScrumBrawl, a game sold at the con from VicTim Games.

Scrumbrawl- A crazy game of fantasy rugby from VicTim Games!
Scrumbrawl- A crazy game of fantasy rugby from VicTim Games!

It’s the first of their line, and take it from me, it’s a genuine hit right out of the ball park.  Their local Cincinnati man was there performing and selling demo’s of the game.  After one time playing it I was hooked and picked up a copy right there.  It was quickly the hit of the con—we must have played it about eight times that weekend, and others were either playing their copy or ready to jump in our game.  It’s basically rugby with all of your favorite fantasy creatures and monsters hellishly thrown together to tear each others’ heads off.  It’s a fast game full of chaotic fun that never plays the same way twice.  VicTim games have received an invite to demo their games at FANDOMFEST and we look forward to seeing them!

Other notables on hand were ART OF WAR game shop who had a tremendous vending table offering great con discounts, and the fantastic raffle prizes Cincycon had for the guests! I had a fantastic time with my fellow gamers Andy Davis of Crafty Games, Colin Thomas of QAGS and our official barrister, James Flanagan and Richard Slone, our designated driver.  I ran a great little Star Wars d6 (WEG) rpg I call “A wookie, a gambler, and a protocol droid walk into a bar.”  It’s a perfect game of cat vs. mouse vs. other mouse through the streets of Mos Eisley that has never played the same way in the last 10 games.  Colin and I finished the con with a sweet little one shot from Michael Curtis and Dungeon Crawl Classics.  Man, they aren’t kidding, that game is just like stepping back into 70’s RPG’s.  Michael is one of the main writers for DCC and has a great sourcebook called The Dungeon Alphabet, which is packed full of great source material for any fantasy game.  There was a lot of great RPG, Miniature and Wargaming action.  I even got to see and fist bump my friend and fellow WotN’er, Natasha Lee Collier, aka Kentucky Geek Girl!   A few things the convention was missing and we could look forward to next time….

Running Star Wars, one of my favorite games!
Running Star Wars, one of my favorite games!
  • A stronger female gamer presence.  Natasha and I both noticed there was a 7/3 ratio of men to women at the con. I think a lot of that is because there was a LOT of wargaming going on, and I have only recently noticed women starting to play in those kind of games (Malifeaux, War Machine, etc.)
  • Later gaming hours.  They turn out the lights at Midnight, literally!
  • Room Parties.  Andy and I plan to change that for next time…!

The Louisville Arcade Expo, held in the lovely Ramada Hotel in Louisville, is a nostalgic blast from the past where all things that go bump, bleep and zap meld into an incredible weekend of gaming!  Rows of classic pinball and arcade games sit beside great antique console games (remember ColecoVision’s Pitfall?)  and some fair cosplay.  Phil, Chris, Dalton and Hana came out to help promote Fandomfest, along with some great games and anime’s to demo just a little of what they have on tap for the con!

Phox Phire with Spidey!
Phox Phire with Spidey!

If the past few weeks are any indication, 2013 is going to be a stellar year of Conventions!  Don’t miss out; get your tickets to Fandomfest in advance at a nice discount!  Come out and play with us, and see Stan Lee, Wiliam Shatner, Gillian Anderson, Walking Dead stars Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker, Firefly star Adam Baldwin and so many more!  Go ahead and get your tickets here!  Come for the celebs, stay for the great gaming!

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