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Name: Sara Moni
Location: Phoenix
Affiliation: Arizona Avengers
Cosplaying Since: 2010
First Character: MCU Storm
Current Project: Dark Angel Saga Psylocke


How did you first get into cosplay?   I did not grow up celebrating Halloween, so any opportunity I had to dress up, I took it! Costume parties were the start and I had always an interest in comics and cons, so cosplay was soon to follow! Once I joined the Arizona Avengers, a charity costuming organization, I was able to delve into the community with other supremely talented individuals to influence and motivate me even further.


How much time do you spend making your costumes?   If I hit the sewing machine hard and heavy, I can crank one out in a day or two. Dark Angel Saga Psylocke was done in two days. The  costume that took the longest so far has been my Jim Lee Storm, because it was my first complex costume. Depending on the props, sometimes they can be completed in a few hours, via 3D printing design by S.F. Skull Fracture, or a day or two [Wasp’s metal wire wings.] When I made my Pocahontas costume, I was able to work with traditional clay to create the turquoise necklace.


What’s your favorite cosplay you’ve done so far?   I love them all, but I think my Ultimate Wasp is my favorite! I LOVE this character and I knew exactly what I wanted, and I wouldn’t settle for anything but strapless wings. I worked with my dad to construct their metal frame and plate, finding the right thickness of wire to be sturdy but not too heavy. This version has never been done before and I was so happy to introduce or re-introduce Janet to Ultimate Avengers readers!


Do you usually get positive reactions from fans?   I don’t use the ‘f word’ haha! I like to think that I don’t have “fans” but friends and family that like what I do, and fellow costumers or Marvel fans that enjoy what I make. To all of them: THANK YOU! I read and reply to every comment and message I get on a photo or post. I think if anyone has time to take out of their day to give me, I can always find time out of mine to show appreciation.


What’s the next costume or event you’re preparing for?   Oh I have several in the works! Two of which will be group costumes: Sailor Moon and The Hobbit. My Hobbit group is an amazing collection of costumers, many of which are women, and we are going to be portraying our favorite dwarves! No no, not gender bent, fur miniskirts and tiny tunics, but the actual cinematic costumes. So, get ready to see me as Kili, beard and all.


What characters inspire you the most?   This comes as no surprise, but Storm is one of my favorites because of her power, poise, and leadership. She is confident, but not afraid to fight for the right reasons. Also, Miss America Chavez [Earth-616], M, Janet Pym [Earth-3488/1610] and Psylocke are fierce, mysterious, intelligent and have charisma to make them all awesome Marvel heroes. Seeing strong heroines of color is something that is very important to me and for the thousands of girls excited to see role models like them.









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All taken by Surrealsister Photography

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