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Our cosplayer this week is a very talented costumer and her selection of characters is truly inspired.


I started cosplaying in high school with the help of my mom and took a hiatus in college due to lack of funds, tools and knowledge.  About 2 years ago, I was struggling trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and decided to pick the hobby back up.  I taught myself to sew and figured things out as I went along.  I welcome each new challenge because it offers a new skill I can use in the future.

Disney has always been my passion and it’s where I want to work ultimately, but I also love comic books and there’s always a place deep down in my heart for anime/manga.  My cosplays focus mostly in Disney/animation and Marvel comics.  I strive for accuracy and put everything I have into recreating not just a character’s image, but also their attitude.  I try to emulate them and take on their personalities both in pictures and in person.  Cosplay for me is nothing without the “play”.  It’s about becoming someone you’ve always aspired to be for a day and literally walking in their shoes.


How did you first get into cosplay?  In high school, I was heavily into anime and Asian culture.  Doing internet searches for my favorite characters first introduced me to the concept and I reached out to my mom to help me get started.  Together, we made costumes for the local convention and even my prom dress.  I took a hiatus in college without the comfort of my mom’s sewing skills.  About 2 years ago, I re-discovered cosplay and threw myself into it head first.  I bought myself a machine and taught myself to use it and I’ve never looked back.

How much time do you spend making your costumes?  The length of production for each individual costume varies, but I do spend most of my free time sewing or sculpting or patterning or just experimenting.  I work full time, so cosplay is practically a second job for me.  When a con is coming up, I’ll normally start working as soon as I get home in the evenings and go until about 11 or 12 at night then spend all day Saturday and Sunday in front of my machine.  During slow periods, I try to get a head-start on upcoming projects, but I do try to save some time to take commissions and have a social life lol

What’s your favorite cosplay you’ve done so far?  This is always a hard question for me because I do not cosplay characters I don’t connect with.  Every cosplay I finish is a character I’ve dreamed of being and finally becoming them is the most amazing and satisfying feeling in the world.  I suppose if I had to pick, I’d be the most torn between Catwoman, Madame Hydra and kingdom tour Ariel.  Catwoman is a character I’ve idolized my whole life and I become her so easily.  I slip on that suit and I instantly feel unstoppable and sexy.  Madame Hydra is a character I never saw coming, but I instantly found myself relating to her.  I’m the most powerful woman in the world in that suit and the overwhelming amount of green brings out all my best features.  Then there’s Ariel.  I’ve wanted to be her since I was 3.  She’s absolutely my idol and to be able to bring her to life is the greatest feeling in the whole world.

Do you usually get positive reactions from fans?  As far as I can recall, I don’t think I’ve ever received a negative comment from a fan of my work or of the characters I cosplay.  Though even if I did, it’d probably be a complaint I have myself lol.  I’m a fan of every character I cosplay and I strive to do them justice.  I put everything I have into my costumes and performances and recreate them in personality and attitude in addition to bringing their appearance into reality as accurately as possible.

What’s the next costume or event you’re preparing for?  Now that San Diego is finally over, I’m planning to wear the costumes I debuted there to my next few cons, though I do have a few surprises on the back-burner for later this year.  I will be at D23 and possibly AM2 in August, Central Coast Comic Con and possibly PowerCon in September, and Comikaze and Long Beach Comic Con in November and I’m sure even more will come up as the year progresses.

What characters inspire you the most?  I’m most inspired by unstoppable women.  Someone who isn’t afraid to follow her dreams and stand up to anyone who tries to stop her.  Ariel gave up everything to follow her heart, Jean Grey is the only mutant who can handle the power of the Phoenix Force, Catwoman is one of few women that can hold her own against Batman in a world of insane men, Madame Hydra is the leader of a global organization set on world domination – these women stand next to their male counterparts with heads held high and don’t let anyone or anything stand in their way.








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