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Word of the Nerd is pleased to present to you one of our newest regular features, Cosplay of the Week.  Each week we feature a new talented cosplayer from the cosplay community.  Be sure to check back every week to catch some up and coming new cosplay talent or get a look at some well established and already famous members from the world of cosplay.


My name is Noelle Butler. I currently am a customer service rep at a telecommunications company in Newnan, GA. I used to manage a movie theater for 7 years but left that job to have more time at home with my 4 year old. My job allows me more time with her as well as more time to sew and attend cons. Right now I only attend Cons in the Atlanta area but I cant wait to travel to attend cons around the US.



How did you first get into cosplay?  I had always wanted to cosplay but didn’t know where to start, until one day I started working with this guy who said he went to Dragon*Con every year. He said he dressed up and he really enjoyed making costumes. He convinced me to go for it. I could sew so it wouldn’t be that hard. I have always been in love with Harley Quinn so I decided I was going to make a Harley Quinn costume. I didn’t want to do classic Harley, I had just finished playing Batman: Arkham City so I decided to make that one.

How much time do you spend making your costumes?  My Arkham City Harley Quinn took me a total of 3 months to make. Every part of that costume is hand-made. The shoes were purchased but they were modified by me. My Raven (Teen Titans) cosplay took me a total of 2 1/2 months.  I made my own version of Harley Quinn as a cheerleader for Arkham Asylum that took me a total of a week to make.  My Black Canary Costume took 2 weeks.

What’s your favorite cosplay you’ve done so far?  Harley Quinn is my absolute favorite. How could she not be?  That is my first and I look forward to improving that costume every single year. Its my baby!

Do you usually get positive reactions from fans?  The reactions I received my first year really helped my confidence in my costume making ability. I got a comment from someone that said “best Arkham City Harley I’ve seen all Con” now that was enough to reassure me I was doing that character justice. My Raven received FANTASTIC feedback at Dragon Con 2013 as well as the changes I made to my Harley outfit. I enjoy the positive feedback because my costumes take time and effort as they are all made by me and I am making myself into my favorite characters. Its nice to know that effort is recognized in the community. It is also nice to know that I am doing these characters justice.

What’s the next costume or event you’re preparing for?  My next event is MomoCon, held in Atlanta in May 2014. I am preparing two whole new cosplays for this Con and I am excited! I am doing Rei’s plug suit from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Chun Li’s white alternate outfit from Streetfighter.

What characters inspire you the most?  Strong female characters inspire me the most. Harley Quinn is normally seen as weak but once you get into her story line, you realize that she is probably one of the strongest female characters around. All characters I choose to cosplay as inspire me to be a stronger woman.


cosplay of the week


cosplay of the week


cosplay of the week


cosplay of the week


cosplay of the week


cosplay of the week


cosplay of the week



You can view more of her work here




Photographer Credits:  All featured pictures were taken by Noelle Butler Cosplay. Myself and my Friend Colby Doler take and edit all the pictures under the name of Noelle Butler Cosplay. As much as I love to cosplay, I enjoy being behind the camera capturing other cosplays as well. I like to attend Cons out of cosplay just as much as in cosplay gives me the opportunity to admire other people’s costumes.


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