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Puppetsfall is a very unique cosplayer.  Her selection of costumes and characters is as diverse and unique as her personality.  A staple at various ‘cons around the country, her Chucky from Child’s Play costume is what brought her to our attention.  So let’s hear from Puppetsfall herself.


I have been cosplaying since 2008 and have worn, bought, or made 16 different costumes. I view cosplaying as an art and since I’ve never been all that great at drawing or anything I chose costuming as a way to express myself and my passion for a character and whatever realm they came from. Be it a show, a movie, a video game, or even my own original creation. I have three other siblings and two of them also cosplay, my sister is actually my cosplaying best friend even though most people don’t realize we are related. I love cosplaying and over time ?I have learned not to be afraid of it. I was always worried about cosplaying a male character when I wasn’t male or gender-swapping it because then it wasn’t the original character but in the end I’ve learned some people will like it and some won’t but I don’t have to get hung up on the ones that don’t. As long as I’m happy and having fun then that’s all that matters because that’s what cosplay is about.


How did you first get into cosplay?  My first costume was Gaara from Naruto. It all began when I heard about an anime convention and decided to go. I didn’t know much about the con just that a bunch of people that enjoyed anime were going. When I got there though my eyes were opened to a new world. Costumes everywhere! My favorite characters and characters I didn’t know were all around me in every direction. I took a stroll through the dealers room and that’s were I found my first costume. It wasn’t entirely accurate given my hair was brown as were my eyes but I had the outfit, the shoes, a little gourd bag, and the scar. After that I never stopped.


How much time do you spend making your costumes?  Sometimes it doesn’t take very long but other times it can take forever. My Chucky cosplay was done in a few weeks of practicing scars and putting it all together while my Captain America still isn’t complete. When I am actually working on them though they usually take about a month or so but due to procrastination sometimes half a year.


What’s your favorite cosplay you’ve done so far?  Probably my Lightning costume. It was the first costume I made and designed entirely myself. Not to mention because it was my own idea I was the only one I’ve seen that did a crossover of Lightning in Cloud’s clothes. I did see though that in the new game Lightning Returns she will be wearing a Cloud costume and I am super excited by it.


Do you usually get positive reactions from fans?  I haven’t had many terrible in costume experiences other than the occasional “that’s a girl she shouldn’t be cosplaying a boy” or “I don’t understand why people turn male characters in female ones” but I don’t really care because when people tell me they love my costume that’s what counts because I also love my costumes.


What’s the next costume or event you’re preparing for?  I am currently planning and preparing for a bunch. I have Peter Pan, Ada Wong, Catwoman, and Zuko all currently getting readied for the next convention.


What characters inspire you the most?  I am always inspired by whatever character I am cosplaying. I don’t cosplay a character unless I look up to them . If I’m going to be a character then I may as well like them.












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