Cosplay Tutorial – The Walking Dead Pudding Purse

Last fall, I attended my first Walker Stalker Con, a convention for fans of zombie, horror, and sci-fi. While other genres and media are represented, The Walking Dead (both the comics and TV show) is primarily showcased in the guests, content, and especially in the cosplay.  During my time at Walker Stalker Con, and throughout The Walking Dead community, I have seen some stellar cosplay.  It ranges from screen accurate, to creative, to humorous. All ages get in on the fun; it’s a really fun community to watch and participate in.

pudding Carl

For Walker Stalker Atlanta in 2014, I created a Carl Grimes costume from the mid-season premiere of Season 4, which I like to call “Pudding Carl.” During this episode, there is a famous scene where Carl finds a giant can of chocolate pudding, and eats all 112 ounces while sitting on the roof of a house, just out of reach of a zombie’s hand. Wanting to incorporate such an iconic symbol from the episode into my costume, I thought what could be better than just carrying a can of pudding? How about turning that can into something more functional – like a purse? Hence, the “Pudding Purse” was born.

Photo credit: Geek Behind the Lens  Photography.

The “Pudding Purse” has been a major hit at the conventions where I have worn this costume. It’s highly functional, as it holds a lot of convention essentials: wallet, phone, camera, hand sanitizer, etc.  It’s also a great conversation starter, and an excellent prop for photographs. And, it was surprisingly easy to make!


Would you like your own pudding purse? Here’s how you can make your own!

Supplies needed:

And if you want to include a chocolate covered spoon:

  • Wooden spoon
  • Brown acrylic paint & paint brush
  • Dremel tool


1. Prepare the paint bucket. Attach the handle, if necessary. Super glue the small rare earth magnets into the groove on the top of the bucket where the lid attaches. It’s not necessary to glue the magnets on both the bucket and the lid. While small in size, these magnets will keep the lid from coming off unexpectedly, but still allow for easy access when needed. (I glued on 8, but use as many as you think you will need.)

2. Measure the paint can to determine the dimensions of the labels. (You will need to print a front and a back label to cover the entire circumference of the can.) Create the labels in the photo editing software. I looked up photos of 112 ounce cans of pudding on Amazon.com, and copied the layout. I changed some of the text to funnier, zombie-related content, such as “Walker Brand Chocolate Pudding.”

3. Print the labels on the legal size printing paper and trim to the appropriate size. Cover the labels in contact paper or laminate them, then glue them on to the paint can with the hot glue or other adhesive.


4. If including a spoon, drill a hole in the lid of the paint can with the Dremel tool, large enough that the spoon handle will fit into. (Be careful, the raw metal edge may be sharp!)

pudding purse

5. To create the chocolate pudding on the wooden spoon, I dripped hot glue onto the spoon, and then painted it with brown acrylic paint when it finished cooling.


Now go have fun with your pudding purse! I stopped by the infamous pudding house in Senoia, GA with my pudding purse to take a few photographs.


Carl also enjoyed some pudding outside of Dale’s RV at Walker Stalker Atlanta!


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