Days ‘Til DragonCon


Word of the Nerd, in conjunction with Shattered Stitch Cosplay and Saturday Morning Cosplay presents Days ‘Til DragonCon.

DragonCon is one of the largest and most anticipated cultural events on the East Coast for nerds of all genres and cosplayers alike. There is something for everyone at DragonCon, but what is generally remembered are the extravagant and impressive cosplays.

DragonCon is THE event for cosplayers, encouraging everyone to bring their A game and best fabrications. Not for the timid or faint of heart; emotions can run high as cosplayers of various skill levels prepare their biggest and best costumes for debut at one of North America’s most respected conventions – and we are here to bring you that journey.

Days ‘Til DragonCon follows a group of cosplayers for the last 70 days leading up to DragonCon.  We follow each cosplayer in a reality based, non-competitive format as they ready themselves for what has been called the Thunderdome of Cosplay. Each week we will check in on our cosplayers to see how they’re progressing, working through any problems and discuss their general state of mind as the big weekend approaches. Can our cosplayers take the Atlanta heat come Labor Day Weekend?

Season 1 (2014)


Season 2 (2015)

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