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About Atelier Yoru

I’m a Colombian cosplayer who loves video games. I hope you like my work!

Atelier Yoru - Vi from League of Legends. Photo by AR fotografía.
Vi from League of Legends. Photo by AR fotografía.


How did you first get into cosplay?

At first, cosplay seemed something so distant to me. I was very into Japanese street fashion and designed/made my own clothes but cosplay seemed like another world, like something that only happened “in the US and Europe” (it’s a recent phenomenon around here, it started about 8 years ago) so I didn’t think it was possible for me to do it. Then, some people started to go to local events with relatively complex cosplays and I realized that it was possible and that I wanted to try it out.

How much time do you spend making your costumes?

It varies. Simple cosplays like Mumei can be done in a week. I’m pretty fast building armors (I built my Demon Hunter in 2 weeks) but I usually don’t have all this time so it’s spread out over weeks. Usually, it takes me 1 to 2 months to finish a whole costume.
Planning though takes longer since I have to import everything and it takes 1-2 months for things to get here.

What’s your favorite cosplay you’ve done so far?

My favorite cosplay thus far is my Demon Hunter. I used a very big variety of techniques and materials to make it and learn a whole bunch. Also, even though it’s made out of EVA it’s very durable and flexible since it was made for a dynamic performance. Also, the props are semi-functional and it has a lot of cool features 😀

Do you usually get positive reactions from fans?

Usually, yes xD I don’t get to go to a lot of events but I’m often told that they really like my work and it inspires me to keep on doing it :’)
Having people recognize you instantly and notice the littlest details is the best feeling.

What’s the next costume or event you’re preparing for?

Right now I’m almost done with my Project: Ashe and have started to work on my Meka. I’m not really preparing for any event as of now, but I’m looking at the possibility of attending Blizzcon this year 🙂

What characters inspire you the most?

I love female characters that are strong-minded, intelligent and empowered. I love characters that can stand their ground and find power in themselves and their femininity. Characters such as Bayonetta, Asami Sato, nd Tohsaka Rin are the best examples.

What is your primary area of inspiration for your cosplay?  Comics, anime, games or other?

I usually cosplay video game character because I find their designs more appealing and challenging. I’m not really into comics but every now and then I cosplay an anime character.

What are your best resources for cosplay materials?  

I get most of my materials from my local markets. Anything that I can’t find here I buy online (wigs, mostly).

What’s one piece of advice you’d give new cosplayers?

Don’t be afraid to try new things even if you feel they don’t suit you. Cosplay has a way of bringing things out from inside of us that we didn’t even know we had 🙂

What’s your golden rule of cosplay?

My golden rule is to do it for myself. Cosplay is my passion and it’s not something I’d like to compromise for other people. So, for example, I’ve had to learn that I don’t NEED to stress myself trying to finish something for a specific event, I’d rather work on it till I’m satisfied and present it as best as I can so that it can be something I’m proud of.

What does your budget run per costume?

They’re usually very expensive for where I live, but maybe not so much when converted to USD.
A simple costume is around 70USD and big armors like Vi and the Demon Hunter go up to 350USD. It’s a lot more expensive here.

Is there anything that would make you stop cosplaying?

I have a hard time cosplaying due to my college studies. Usually I can’t work on anything during the semester so I have to catch up during vacations but even if I sometimes stop for a while, I always go back to it. As of now, I wouldn’t know yet.

If money and time were not issues, what’s your number one over ambitious cosplay?  

My dream cosplays right now are’s Meka, Kerrigan from Starcraft and DOTA2’s Vengeful Spirit Huang’s Umbra. I just want to make them as epic as possible.

Why do you cosplay?  

I cosplay because cosplay for me is a challenge to myself. I love challenges and also love crafting but there are many aspects of cosplays that I thought I would never be able to master because “it wasn’t me”. So cosplay became a way to prove myself that I can do it, I can learn to do special effects, I can learn to make functional props, etc.

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