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My name is Kailani, I am from Switzerland and I am soon 24 years old. I’ve been cosplaying for about 6 years now more or less. I am in my second apprenticeship right now in Logistics. I love swimming (water is really my element), drawing, snowboarding and creating.


Kailani Cosplay


How did you first get into cosplay?  I got into Anime/Manga around 2006 and i got hooked ever since really. I never know about anime conventions and my mom mentioned one in Geneva in 2008 so I went for a day to check it out. That’s when i saw people walking around dressed up as different characters and I thought the idea was awesome, i felt like a kid again meeting characters at Disneyland. I wanted to give that feeling on and make people believe in these characters, make them come to life. So the next year I tried it out, and haven’t been able to stop since. ^^

How much time do you spend making your costumes?  It depends on the costumes, some take a week and other 6 months ^^

What’s your favorite cosplay you’ve done so far?  I would have to say Ariel is a personal favourite from the Little Mermaid, it was a dream come true once I cosplayed her. I also really love Yang or Yellow from RWBY.

Do you usually get positive reactions from fans?  Yeah pretty much, I don’t have many but the comments I get are usually very nice ^^

What’s the next costume or event you’re preparing for?  Japan Expo is coming up and I am working on Judal from Magi and I am also making DJ Pon-3 from Equestria Girls

What characters inspire you the most?  I actually get inspired by male characters most of the time, I am very comfortable with crossplay and I enjoy it very much. I usually either go for strong silent types or the complete opposite, as long as the character pleases me then it is an inspiration to cosplay him or her ^^

What is your primary area of inspiration for your cosplay? Comics, anime, games or other?  I guess I’m into Anime, Games and Disney. I don’t have a favourite category, Once a character pops up and I fall in love with him/her, I get to work. ^^

What are your best resources for cosplay materials?  I look a lot for tutorials online or ask around cosplayers to ask for their suggestions or guidance to make my own the best I can with my current abilities.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give new cosplayers?  Don’t give in because you think that you’ve chosen something impossible to do. Start out nice and easy with a character that you really love and if you feel lost or are not happy with how it turned out, ask around and don’t be afraid to. Cosplayers help each other out and should give guidance and support to new beginners and try their best to help them achieve the start the best way possible so that the beginners are happy with what they have done and are able to keep pushing forward.

What’s your golden rule of cosplay?  If you are not enjoying yourself, stop. You have to be able to smile at what you’re doing, while you are doing it and be proud of how it turns out, even if there are mistakes ^^

What does your budget run per costume?  Again, it all depends on the costume, for instance my cosplay of Jinx from League of Legends cost me around 100$ as for my cosplay of Fay D. Flowright from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle cost me about 500$ with all of his coat layers.

Is there anything that would make you stop cosplaying?  I wouldn’t say stop per say, more like discourage i think. It’s mostly the rumors you hear or people who doubt you and your work. The people I don’t know have no influence on me but when it comes sometimes from people you like, such as friends it’s really hurtful

If money and time were no issue, what’s your number one over ambitious cosplay?  If a really have to pick just one, I guess I would choose either Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura and Albafica from Saint Seiya Lost Canvas. Why Yue ? Because I started manga with cardcaptors, and Yue was the first character that I fell in love with, I drew him a lot and created stories with him, he really was my childhood crush and I promised myself that I would cosplay him only if he is perfect and never otherwise.  For Albafica, I’ve never really grown up with The Gold Saints so I don’t know much about the series sadly, but I was at a friend’s house and saw this manga on the nightstand with Albafica on the cover and I just thought : WOW. After reading it, it became clear that I really was into this character and I am so motivated in one day cosplaying a Gold Saint.

Why do you cosplay?  Because it’s fun, that is the main reason for me. I love acting as these characters, be like them, move like them and everything like that, it brings out the spark in me.


Kailani Cosplay Kailani Cosplay Kailani Cosplay Kailani Cosplay Kailani Cosplay Kailani Cosplay Kailani Cosplay Kailani Cosplay Kailani Cosplay Kailani Cosplay Kailani Cosplay


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