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About Basic B Cosplay

Basic B Cosplay (Erin)/ Corporate Quality Assurance/ Food Production/ 27/ Chicago, IL/ I like games, corgis, and carbs.


Basic B Cosplay
Reality Selfie (what I look like out of costume)

How did you first get into cosplay?

I’ve always loved dressing up in costumes. I started making my own costumes in college around 2007. I attended my first convention in March of 2016 at C2E2 in Chicago. I didn’t learn what cosplay was until 2016… I think I was living under a rock.

How much time do you spend making your costumes?

It really depends. I made one costume in a weekend and others have taken me and another person 10 months to complete. I always try to be as detailed as possible. When you are learning a new material or technique it takes 3 x longer.

What’s your favorite cosplay you’ve done so far?

Lt. Morales from Heroes of the Storm / StarCraft Medic. This was a collaboration project with my boyfriend and it took us 10 months to complete. We knew nothing about foam smithing but we managed to make a pretty good full EVA armor costume with working lighting.

Do you usually get positive reactions from fans?

I am very fortunate that I have not had a troll yet or any negative feedback. Even if I did you just brush it off. I cosplay because I like to do it not for other people. If they enjoy my work too that is just a plus.

What’s the next costume or event you’re preparing for?

My next confirmed convention is Indiana Comic Con in Indianapolis. I am currently making a cosplay of Sally Jupiter from Watchmen for this convention.

What characters inspire you the most?

Female Heroines that aren’t perfect. I like being the girl who doesn’t fit the mold of what she should be. Good examples of these characters are Selene from Underworld, Sylvanas from Warcraft, Aeon Flux, Black Widow, etc. Badass women who kick ass.

What is your primary area of inspiration for your cosplay?  Comics, anime, games or other?

I enjoy cosplaying my favorite characters from games, movies, and tv shows. I also enjoy doing twists on popular characters such as Harley Quinn. I try to pick characters that aren’t as well known because I like doing things other people haven’t done before.

What are your best resources for cosplay materials?  

Jo-Ann’s, Amazon, Foam mart, Arda Wigs, and google. I have bought some weird stuff from some weird places. Like magnets… so many magnets….

What’s one piece of advice you’d give new cosplayers?

Start small. Find a character you really like that has a fairly simple design. Build up your skills over time and don’t get frustrated if you mess up because you will. Learn from your mistakes and just keep going! Time and experience will make your costumes great. also… YouTube.

What’s your golden rule of cosplay?

JFDI – Just F*cking Do It. I don’t care how hard it looks, or how beyond my ability it seems, I will never be able to make great costumes if I don’t try. I may fail miserably but you always learn from your failures.

What does your budget run per costume?

Most costumes cost at least $200 for materials. My large builds will be over $1000. It really depends on how detailed I want to get and what materials I want to make it out of. Fabric can be expensive but EVA foam costumes are generally much more expensive.

Is there anything that would make you stop cosplaying?

No, never. I don’t care if I was homeless I’d find a way to do cosplay.

If money and time were not issues, what’s your number one over ambitious cosplay?  

Queen of blades, Sarah Kerrigan from StarCraft. I would love to make a full latex body suit like that.

Why do you cosplay?  

I seriously just love dressing up in costumes and trying to emulate my favorite characters. I have so much fun being around other like-minded people who share my weird passion.


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