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Thanks to our good friends at, our cosplay correspondents were treated to some of their awesome new gear.  Alexis from Shattered Stitch Cosplay and Janel from Saturday Morning Cosplay give their reviews of two nifty new tees in this installment of Cosplayers Closet.



Cosplayers Closet - SuperHeroStuff.comCosplayers Closet - SuperHeroStuff.comFeeling a little dark today? Check out the Dark Phoenix V-neck from SuperHeroStuff! I ordered my standard size – women’s fit medium, and enjoyed the slimming fit as much as I did with my S.H.I.E.L.D. shirt from the previous review.  However – a few things to note on this shirt. Ladies may want to order a size smaller if they don’t want to wear an undershirt, because this V is DEEP. I pulled the shirt on for the first time with no tank underneath, and the near entirety of my bra was visible; none of the ways I pulled and tugged the neck of the shirt made the medium wearable without an underlayer. So keep that in mind when ordering, especially if you are a borderline size! I really love the design of this shirt; I always enjoy costume designs, and the long fit of this shirt with the belt looks really great pulled on over slimfit jeans. The colors are bright and sharp, however there is some blotching near the collar on my shirt. The red is seen through the black near the collar, which really stands out because of the contrast in the colors. Overall, I would give this shirt a second chance in a small – hoping that the color gapping was a misprint!



Cosplayers Closet - SuperHeroStuff.comCosplayers Closet - SuperHeroStuff.comRogue is my favorite X-Men ever that isn’t Wolverine.  And not only because she is so badass and powerful but because has had one of the deepest, truest love stories among Xavier’s crew in my opinion ever.  Not the creepfest with Magneto but with her one true love Remy Labeau.  So imagine my excitement when I found a shirt on that showed just that.  This slightly stretchy light gray t-shirt depicts the lovers in an embrace with the caption Gambit and Rogue Forever underneath.

The shirt’s graphic dominates leaving no question that these two really do love each other.  The V-neck keeps you from feeling like you are being chocked like some crew necks do while the long length keeps you comfortable and covered.  The gray color means that I can wear the shirt as often as I like and not worry about it fading out, and the slight stretch to the cotton ensures that even as I eat my feels about these two I will not find myself feeling uncomfortable in it.

This is definitely high on my list of favorite shirts, not just in the graphics section but in the comfort section as well.





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