Could the Justice League of America Be Coming to TV?

Last week, it was confirmed by Arrow co-creator Greg Berlanti that a spinoff series of Arrow and The Flash is in the works. Those already slated to star in this new spinoff are Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, Victor Garber as Professor Martin Stein, Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold, and Caity Lotz.  According to the report on Deadline, several other roles have yet to be cast but should be announced soon as per Berlanti on Twitter.

Berlanti tweet

The first mystery to be speculated about is the casting of Caity Lotz, who’s character Sara Lance (The Canary) was killed at the beginning of this season of Arrow.  Being based on a comic book, there are no end of possibilities that could explain Sara’s “resurrection.”  Another possibility, just to confuse fans even further, is that Lotz could be playing an entirely new character.

Caity Lotz as Black Canary
Caity Lotz as Black Canary

The series is in beginning stages of development, and promises to feature three characters from the DC Universe not yet seen before in a TV series.  That leaves the field wide open for any combination of characters, hero and villain to be cast.  It’s also possible that this new series will forego the normal pilot cycle and go straight to air.

What is most curious, and the biggest mystery so far is the title and intentions of this superhero team-up series.  With Supergirl on its way to production over at CBS and Teen Titans at TNT, it potentially rules out a number obvious choices.  Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash, all owned by the same parent company will probably take place in the same universe, leaving Teen Titans on its own. However the potential of a fourth series in the Arrow/Flash/Supergirl universe leaves a lot of room for expansion and crossovers.  The mystery still remains what this team-up series will be about.

Brandon Routh as The Atom
Brandon Routh as The Atom

Could this be Justice League or Justice League of America?  That seems to be the current and most popular speculation among fans with a possibility of Suicide Squad.  It is highly unlikely that it would be Suicide Squad or Justice League due to the major motion pictures already in production.  Justice League of America, however is a definite contender. since there are currently three separate Justice League teams in the New 52.  Prior to the New 52, the Justice League had existed without the three powerhouse members Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.  This could be a move to cash in and take advantage of the Justice League name and popularity of the superhero team-up while keeping the properties separate and autonomous.  Simply to avoid confusion, Justice League of America would seem the likely choice.

With no hard set roster in place for any Justice League team, most comic fans can confirm that must like their Marvel Comics counterparts The Avengers, nearly every hero in the DC Universe has been a Justice League member at some point in time.  Having Green Arrow, Arsenal, The Flash, Black Canary and potentially Supergirl already available, the addition of The Atom, Firestorm and Captain Cold could round out a roster of a pretty impressive Justice League of America roster.

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold
Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold

But you’re probably thinking right now that Captain Cold is a bad guy…and you’d be correct.  The current roster of the team in the Justice League comic does include not only Lex Luthor, but Captain Cold.  So it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that Flash’s arch nemesis could switch sides to suit his purposes.  On the other hand, the premise of a super-powered team tracking down dangerous meta-humans before Captain Cold can get his icy hooks into them isn’t such bad idea.  Could this be the initial formation of the Legion of Doom to one day challenge the Justice League and the JLA?

At this point, the speculation and tin-foil theories are just that and we, as are all fans, eager to find out more.  Come back tomorrow for my follow-up to this article when I give my choices to fill the “as yet to be cast” roster of three.



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