Create A Maintenance Plan For Your App


Once you have released your app and successfully deployed it on stores, it’s just a beginning. From now on you will have to provide regular updates and app maintenance services to make your app compatible on the market and appealing to your target audience.

Ideally, you should include costs on ongoing maintenance in your spending pattern from the start. A standard maintenance plan usually comprises performance monitoring, code maintenance, bug fixes, OS updates, audits, adding new features or refreshing the old ones. According to statistics, 90 percent of publishers update their mobile apps at least once a year.

So while spending more money after the launch of your app is inevitable, make sure to include the following services in your maintenance plan.

Create A Maintenance Plan For Your App

UI/UX Updates

Nothing lasts forever. The same applies to the appearance of your app. Just like every software product or social media website, it should continuously evolve and adjust to the latest design and usability trends.

Feature Enhancements

Implementing new features as time passes can help to expand your business and offer more value to your users. However, adding more features is not always necessary as you can fix or change the existing ones. Learn what users think about your app, is it easy and fun to use? Also, think whether your business requires changes to your app’s functionality. And only after that decide either to create new features in response to demand or simply enhance the old package of functionalities.

Operating System Updates

New operating systems pop out each year. Several months before the official announcement Google and Apple provide developers with beta versions to test how their apps will perform against the new operating system. It’s not uncommon when after another update some features stop working or show bad performance. Therefore, you must include these checks and tests in your yearly maintenance plan no matter what.

Code Maintenance

Create A Maintenance Plan For Your AppReviewing the existing code is a natural part of any app’s life cycle. Even if you aren’t planning to update the design or add a new feature, you should keep your old code up to date. Code requires constant attention and support. Be aware that if you postpone regular code reviews for too long, you will need to perform the refactoring, which means spending more money and time.

Performance Monitoring and Bug Fixing

There are a lot of SaaS-based tools that allow app owners to monitor their performance, provide analytics and crash reports. Fabric, AppDynamics, New Relic and Crashlytics are some to name. Thanks to them you will receive every bug or crash alert that takes place while users are using your app. They will also keep track of the number of people using your app, the number of downloads by day and actions taken within the app.

App Store Updates

If your app is available on Apple’s App Store or Google Play, make sure to provide regular updates. Minor tweaks to the existing code or UI/UX improvements is your chance to remind users about your app via the store.  A fresh “last updated” date on your app’s profile, will reassure your users that you are improving the app non-stop, fixing errors and checking the code. Make sure to emphasize highlights of the update in the description.

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