Crusher Creel Comes to Agents of SHIELD

“The worst part of prison was the dementors” -Crusher Creel

We reported recently that Adrianne Palicki will be joining Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD as Bobbi Morse.  Yesterday, Marvel announced another guest star: Brain Patrick Wade as Carl “Crusher” Creel.  Wade played Ennis in season three of Teen Wolf.  This is the second member of the Teen Wolf’s famed Alpha Pack to appear on the show.  The first was Felicia Terrell, Kali on Teen Wolf, who had a minor part as a buyer of alien goods in episode 11 of season 1.

Fans of Marvel Comics will recognize Creel as the Absorbing Man, super-powered foe of Thor, She-Hulk, and Spider-Man, though not all at once.  The Marvel Wiki formally lists Creel’s power as “Omni-morph Duplication,” which is listed as “the ability to bodily duplicate at will the physical properties of anything he touches or that touches him.”

And yes, that is the exact power that Kevin Levin had on Ben 10: Alien Force.

Creel has a rather detailed history in the Marvel-616 universe.  Though his overall age is undetermined, he once boxed against Jack Murdock, father of Matt Murdock.  Creel actually gained his powers through Loki’s magic, since Loki, as always, was looking for someone who could give Thor a hard time.

While it is highly unlikely that Loki or Thor will be showing up in Agents of SHIELD, we do know that Marvel is currently working on a Daredevil miniseries.  Since Creel has some history with the Murdocks, we might see him pop up there as well, but that is purely speculation.

It is still unclear if Creel will be metahuman, inhuman or alien in show canon; since it is next to impossible that we’re going to see Loki, his origins are now up in the air.  We know that they’re not allowed to say mutant on Agents of SHIELD, so they might just go with gifted, if they don’t want to get too in-depth with Creel’s backstory.  However, considering that this season seems like it’s going to be focusing a bit more on the cosmic and the unknown, making Creel an inhuman or alien seems likely.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC on September 23rd, 9PM EST.

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