Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Review

Two signature genres of japanese anime are magical girl (Sailor Moon,  Magical Girl Sammy) and shounen (Naruto, Deadman Wonderland). So when concept of these two genres are combined to create a new series, the results are, well, interesting. Fresh from Studio Diomeda is Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! is the story of five high school boys that have been given the power of love to defend the earth from an impending threat. Their leader is a pink alien wombat (who hates cuddles!) The villains: the student council, lead by a pastel green hedgehog with an unusually deep voice. If you watch enough TV, you know the usual plot. Underdogs vs the Top Dogs, with the Underdogs either winning or facing minor defeat in a single episode.  Of course, they still always learn a valuable lesson by the end.The Battle Lovers

I’ve found that my reaction to the first episode is rather commonplace.  The cringing, giggling, amazement, and uncertainty of what this show was about was common amongst myself and my friends.. But as with all things that make one cringe, I had to see more. In episode 2, the story began to fall into place.  It takes a slightly more serious note as we meet the antagonists, and the conflict of the story begins to develop (the plot is the usual: world peace vs world domination).

After episode three of their “Love Making,” I have grown to love the unique character presentation.  So far each episode starts out with our unexpected heroes contemplating life, usually in relation to the villain that will appear later in the episode.  The plot sequence is no different than what you’d expect from a magical-style anime, but the ‘magical boy’ concept makes it attractive to some viewers.  The studio seems to have found the perfect combination of school life, slice of life, and magical warfare.  Once you get past the silly, it’s a very enjoyable series, and I can’t wait to see more. My overall prediction is that the show will take a dark turn half way into the series, balancing out the mildly yaoi, sugary story we have seen thus far.

You can  follow Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! on Crunchyroll, and possibly Funimation in the future.

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