The CW Announces Batwoman TV Show

Batwoman Joins the Arrowverse

The CW announced a Batwoman television series is on the table for 2019. The LGBTQ+ superhero is part of this year’s Arrow crossover event to launch her television series.

Arrow Births Another Show

Batwoman is coming to the Arrowverse
Batwoman is coming to the Arrowverse – image copyright The CW

The Arrowverse is fascinating. While Warner Brothers continues confusing audiences with multiple iterations of the Joker, shuffled release dates, and new project announcements, The CW consistently weaves a multi-series story every week. Sure, they don’t always crossover. But when they do, it’s event viewing. Greg Berlanti and company crafted a tonally consistent universe with millions of fans across the globe. The MCU has the lion’s share of the film market, but DC properties rule the airwaves. And, in 2019, Berlanti and former Vampire Diaries producer Caroline Dries expand the Arrow empire yet again.

The duo announced a Batwoman television series is in development at The CW. If you’ve been paying attention, this isn’t a shock. Arrow used its considerable audience to launch a host of other shows and save Supergirl from cancellation. Yes, the drawback is that most of The CW’s lineup revolves around these heroes now. But audiences eat it up, so why fix what isn’t broken? Furthermore, the show is used as a proving ground for new heroes. If Batwoman doesn’t connect with audiences in December, they can make necessary adjustments before her series launches. It’s a wonderful test kitchen.

The Batwoman pilot comes courtesy of Berlanti productions with Dries in the writer’s chair. The pair is going with the New 52 iteration of Karol Kane, which paints the hero as a Jewish lesbian. The 2006 relaunch of the character proved successful for DC, and established Kane as the first headlining LGBTQ+ character at the company. In the Arrowverse, the shows’ casts reflect a diverse amount of backgrounds, with at least one LGBTQ+ character per series. Casting for the role of Batwoman begins soon, and she makes her first appearance on Arrow in December.

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