CW Greenlights 10 Shows for the 2018-2019 Season

Cancellation Season: CW

Cancellation season usually incites a monsoon of tears and screams so dramatic they rival those of a Skywalker. In an unusual twist, the CW released good news for ten of its current series. That leaves the fate of only four shows undecided. The CW’s decision to add Sunday to its primetime schedule was likely responsible for the lenient renewals. 

The CW announced the primetime addition in February, allowing the network to air original shows six days instead of five. The CW is known for having incredibly passionate fanbases, but viewership is often lower than other networks. The Sunday slot addition will give the network more leeway to try out new content while keeping fan favorites alive. While they won’t be able to indefinitely keep struggling shows alive, the added slots will allow more leniency. This allows proper endings to shows that end mid-plot.

A Second Life

Jane the VirginJane the Virgin (renewed for season five) and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (renewed for season four) were both on the renewal fence with low ratings, despite both of them being Golden Globe winners. Nothing is official, but rumor is season five will be the final season for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Additionally, Gina Rodriguez noted she intends to direct more in the show’s final season which heavily suggests the show will come to an end in season five. Dynasty, a struggling freshman drama, has also been renewed for a season two.  Nothing is certain when it comes to the post 2018-2019 season of these shows with the schedule shakeup.

The Arrowverse

Fans of the CW’s linked DC superhero shows can rest easy as they’ve all made the renewal cut. This is especially good news for Supergirl fans. They may have been concerned they’d have to wait longer for a renewal answer as the show has been on a long hiatus. In an attempt to limit Arrowverse shows to four airing at once, the air times of Supergirl and Legends are swapped. Considering they are the two shows that struggle the most, switching their slots mid-season wasn’t the wisest choice. Thankfully, they are both coming back for another season. Hopefully, they will continue in the fall without such a wonky schedule.

Black Lightning S01E09 The Book of Little Black Lies - The CW 1Freshman superhero show, Black Lightning, led by CW’s Hart of Dixie alum Cress Williams, has had stellar ratings. The show isn’t currently connected to the Arrowverse but according to Stephen Amell at Awesome Con, “everyone keeps making a point to say we’re not gonna cross over with Black Lightning but I mean we’re probably gonna cross over with Black Lightning because that’s just how that works. I’m glad it’s doing well and I’m happy it’s successful and I hope I can have a small part in that.” Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning are all renewed. Despite the network’s insistence, it’s entirely possible we’ll see a five-part crossover next year. 

Riverdale, based on Archie Comics, is coming back for a third season. This show does not connect to the Arrowverse. Ratings for the show have spiked this year following its inclusion on Netflix. 

Supernatural: Season 14?!

Supernatural, the little 2005 cult show that could, is getting a season 14. Renewal season was once a stressful, nail-biting endeavor for fans of the long-running show. At this point? Fans are usually more worried that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will step down before the CW pulls the plug. The show is the longest-ever running show on the network, including its former iteration as the WB. Supernatural beat out Smallville for that title in 2015 with season 11.

Supernatural The One You've Been Waiting For

Fans have had mixed emotions about Supernatural’s continued renewals. Some fans are frustrated with the writing and plot repetition. Many are just happy to be able to see their favorite characters on screen every week. With a show so long-running, it’s difficult to keep things fresh. The writers constantly try to keep things interesting with off-the-wall episodes like the recently released “ScoobyNatural.” Regardless of fan opinions, Supernatural has one of the most dedicated fanbases on the network. CW executives have been long supporters of the show so barring the actors deciding to leave, it’s pretty safe to say that Supernatural will remain… safe.

The Unknown

Of the four CW shows with unknown fates, two are freshman dramas. Valor has been on the air since October of 2017 and focuses on an elite team of helicopter pilots. Life Sentence, just four episodes in, takes a twist on the usual cancer story. It revolves around a woman who has just survived her terminal cancer and deals with consequences she never thought she’d live to see. The CW is likely waiting to see how Life Sentence and season four of iZombie progresses before making a decision about those three and The 100.  

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