Arrow Says a Final Goodbye at Comic-Con


Arrow and Laying the Groundwork

DC has cultivated a cult-like following beneath the span of their movies within the world of streaming and television. Revelatory hits like Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing have garnered delight from fans. Accompanying them are the long-running series of CW shows that take a much lighter approach to superhero subject matter. The backbone of DC television started with an emerald archer. Arrow, as a show, encapsulates the strength of DC television. Arrow was the litmus test for proving that a gritty superhero show can work and still have elements of humor. This foundation laid the groundwork for what was a sterling seven-season run. This year marks its final season and the swan song for Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

Fresh Horizon

Arrow Stephen Amell - The CW
Stephen Amell

Amell was seen as a leader amongst the actors within the CW-verse. His portrayal of the Green Arrow is the linchpin for many of the origin stories that have come to pass. The success of Arrow led to the success of each new production. In a final hoorah, Stephen Amell addressed an audience at Comic-Con amongst his peers to a warm, but bittersweet reception. Clips of the new season of Arrow punctuated the panel with a toast to the last of the series.

The nature of Arrow‘s ending is to follow the major crossover event. Crisis On Infinite Earths is alleged to be the fall of Oliver Queen. Tonally, this will resonate within the grander scheme of the characters and the actors themselves. Amell’s departure will leave a hole. Presently, we know that Batwoman is to be taking the vigilante reins and that more surprises will be upcoming for this major event. Currently advertised is Brandon Routh returning to the role of Superman, albeit this time with a more sinister twist. The potential for this “Kingdom Come” version of Superman has led to speculation that this is how Oliver will be finished in the finale. 

Many Arrows in the Quiver

Arrow ran for 460 episodes, a surprise to all involved as well as fans. Whether you feel its quality was always maintained or it diminished over time, it is still a feat to see a lasting superhero series that has produced this much years of content. The passion of the fans drew it to impressive numbers for the CW and made stars out of many actors that became entangled in it. The web of dynamic heroes woven promotes a sustained interest that the DC movies have yet to achieve. 

The debut of Arrow in 2012 started a ripple that continues to this day. With a fond farewell to the Star City Playboy, we still have one sizzle trailer to enjoy and one last season goodbye to a much-beloved show.


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