CW’s “The Flash” Gets New Suit For Season 2

The CW Network and Warner Brothers have revealed the title character’s (Grant Gustin’s) new costume for season 2 of their popular television show The Flash.  Said super-suit is depicted below.

The Season 2 Flash Costume, via  Variety

According to Variety, this costume is perceived as being “flashier” than the previous suit. That perception may be due to the distorting glare on this picture, though I’m not sure. It certainly seems that the new suit is somewhat sleeker than the last one, but it’s difficult to get a good look from the picture. Although it may seem early for Barry Allen to get a new suit (it’s only his second season), they can justify the change by claiming that Cisco (Carlos Valdes)  and S.T.A.R. Labs may have wanted to improve on the suit (both for the fun of it, and to add in more protection as more powerful villains show up in Central City.)

This suit, like many of the costumes on Arrow (including that of the titular character,) was designed by costume designer Maya Mai.  Mai has several Arrowverse super-suits under her belt, including  Arsenal, A.T.O.M., Black Canary, and Speedy.  Colleen Atwood designed both The Flash’s and the Arrow’s original costumes for these shows.

This is not the only recent news that has come out about season 2 of The Flash.  Adam “Edge” Copeland has been announced as joining season 2 of The Flash as Atom Smasher, who is set up to be a villain (contrary to the majority of his comics canon.) Michael Ironside has also been announced as joining the second season of The Flash as Lewis Snart, who is the father of Captain Cold and Golden Glider (who have both already appeared on said television show.)

It’s that we’ll be seeing more of this suit in the weeks and months to come.

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