D.C. Collectables Unveils Exclusives for the New York Comicon.

Statues, figures and just toys in general are a big moneymaker for comic companies especially when you get into the exclusives. These collectables are sought after diligently by just about anyone who is a collector. The reasons being that they are typically very limited run items that tend to skyrocket in price pretty fast and they are usually very cool, those two reasons alone is enough to get any nerds blood pumping. If you are a collector like me then part of the thrill of obtaining any collectable is the hunt and that feeling you get when you finally find and obtain what you were scouring the Earth for, it’s an adrenaline charged super rush.

The New York Comicon is just around the corner and it like most cons have exclusives that take the form of figures and statues for the most part. D.C. Collectables has revealed what they have for the attendees of the New York Comicon and I have to say they’re pretty cool.

If you are familiar with D.C. Nation on Cartoon Network then you will recognize this first collectable. It’s a Aardman Batman action figure that was designed by Rich Weber and sculpted by Phil Ramirez. It’s a perfect likeness of the character made famous in the popular superhero shorts on Saturday morning. The character was created by British native Nick Park of Aardman animations who also created Wallace and Gromit. Aardman Batman will be priced at $25.


Earlier in the year D.C. collectables released a two pack of 3.75″ figures and they’re continuing the trend at New York with another two pack featuring John Stewart of the Green Lantern Corps. and the ever so awesome vile leader of The Red Lanterns, Atrocitus which will also have a price of $25. To get these just go to booth #939 at The New York Con but you better hurry because theirs no doubt that they will be selling fast. If you miss out you can almost always get collectables like these on the internet but the problem here is people like to buy figures such as these or any figures or collectables and sell them online for a ridiculous price. As long as people buy them for those prices then this trend will unfortunately continue, but if you just do your research, you will have nothing to worry about.


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Mike is a construction foreman by day but at night he is either working on his art or writing for Word of the Nerd. In between he is running around Gotham wreaking havok in Arkham city or adding to his extensive comic and figure collection. Mike is a hardcore Star Wars fan who often recites lines from the movies in relation to events of everyday life and knows the Sith code as he is a dedicated fan of Star Wars novels especially when they are about Sithlords. One of Mikes philosophies is that if you aren't learning something new everyday then you're doing something wrong.

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