D&D Just Got A Massive Homebrew Upgrade

Every Monster Playable Thanks To One Dedicated D&D Player

Dungeons & Dragons
(D&D) has lent me and a group of my friends a great escape for the last seven months. We’ve been completely engulfed in a storyline of fireball-wielding archmages, monasteries crawling with child-stealing ninjas, and tenacious animated shrubs. Yet even with all the twists and turns that our DM’s imagination (as well as our own curveballs slugging him in the face), we were still a party of what can be deemed your average assortment of adventurers. You know, a dwarf, a pair of half-elves, a wood elf (yours truly) and a tiefling turned dragonborn with the help of a strategically-placed ring preloaded with a reincarnation spell. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary for your usual campaign.

Other D&D parties include some other interesting races such as kenku (large humanoid ravens), tabaxi (cat people!) or genasi (genie hybrids). These are all provided by Wizards of the Coast and are official additions to the possibilities of your pretend journeys, adventures and general hijinks.

Monster Party!

Now it seems that there are a few more races out there to choose from. And by that, I mean every single monster in the game. Armed with a copy of the D&D Monster Manual and a potent mix of dedication, imagination and game knowledge, Tyler Kamstra created one hell of a homebrew mod cocktail. Kamstra’s got you covered! Stats, feats and backgrounds, templates, it’s all included in this 283-page masterpiece focusing on making every beast, fiend, monstrosity and other potential enemy into a playable character for you to control and live as.

Ever wonder what it would be like to play as a mastiff companion rather than its human partner? You can do that! Maybe you’ve wanted to be a chimera instead of a drow. Or a giant centipede (though I’ll have to question your sanity if that’s on your to-do list because…centipedes in normal form aren’t okay, let alone the giant flavor. But hey, you do you!). Perhaps you’ve been dying to try your hand at living in the world and adventuring as a giant spider (see my comment on the centipede). I already have a nice little list growing in my head of creatures I’d love to see in a party and I’m sure you D&D players reading are doing the same.

If no one out there says they’ve wanted to be an Owlbear, at least 20% of the D&D community is lying.

Check With Your DMs First, If You Know What’s Good For You

Of course, this could open a whole can of giant worms for DMs everywhere. Thought it was difficult to balance encounters and create a solid plot for your half-orc, halfling, and human? Imagine a worg, banshee, and will-o-wish party. Yep. This definitely opens the doors for potential in-game D&D nightmares. But if done right, it could lead to some grand schemes, story and enjoyable insanity for all.

So if you’re looking to spice up the party composition and your DM allows for it, feel free to be whatever you damn well want to be! Make it interesting, make it fun or make it downright ridiculous if that’s what tickles your fancy. Now excuse me while I go roll a lupin, winter wolf and some kind of dragon. And a xorn. And a hell hound! A succubus would be fun…

…Oh, don’t pretend like you’re not thinking the same thing! We’re all nerds here!

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