Dan DiDio Fired What Does This Mean For Comics?


Dan DiDio Fired From DC Comics

So, if you follow any comic book news at all, you probably already know that DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio has been fired. This was shocking to most of the comic book community especially DiDio being the “face” of DC Comics at conventions and shows. Plus he was fostering in DC’s new big “re-launch” type event titled 5G. So, what does this mean for DC Comics?

This leaves Jim Lee as sole publisher and COO over DC Comics. But also, what does this mean for 5G and the future of DC Comics?

Dan DiDio

Dan DiDio has been a mainstay at DC Comics for some time now. Joining DC Comics in 2002 as vice president of editorial and as a writer as well. In 2010 he was named co-publisher of DC Comics along with Jim Lee. Through his tenure at DC Comics, he most notably ushered in the 2011 line-wide reboot of DC comics titled “The New 52” and the 2016 “Rebirth” initiative.

DiDio was seemingly also ushering in DC Comics’ newest event/re-launch/reboot/whatever-you-want-to-call-it titled 5G or Generation 5. Supposedly, this was a reset to DC’s timeline once again into 5 generations. Also, it was to age a lot of the original heroes and have replacements come in. Obviously, these rumors have caused quite an uproar across the comic book community and what some have speculated into the firing of DiDio.

Besides the terrible name, 5G seemed to be taking the place of Rebirth and whatever Geoff Johns was planning with Doomsday Clock. There is really nothing solid of yet as to what is to become of 5G and DC Comics as a whole. All we know is this was a big, sudden move, orchestrated by WB/AT&T.

Rumors Abound

DiDio has made his first official statements since the firing but nothing is known of what he will venture into next. The rumor mill has been spinning since the news broke. Ideas range from 5G being put on the shelf; to 5G and Scott Snyder played a big role in the decision; to that Marvel would take over publishing DC Comics. Yeah, you read that last one right. Really we have nothing concrete about anything yet and depending on who you listen to DiDio being let go is the greatest thing in the world and DC is ready for a big comeback; or, this is the downfall of DC Comics as a whole.

Personally I am not too deep into DiDio and what he did or did not do at DC Comics. Besides really not liking Dick Grayson and Wally West. On one hand, I hate that somebody lost their job and livelihood. That sucks, but things like this happen when you are in the business of making money and your product falls behind.

On the other hand, it does have me excited to see what comes next. Does DC completely scrap the 5G and go into a completely different direction? Who do they bring on board to usher in a new era?

It makes for exciting and interesting times at DC Comics. The who, what, and why are all still up in the air and it has created a certain buzz around the publisher.

Comic Books

This all seems to be centered around parent company AT&T and the all-mighty dollar. The failings of The New 52 and Rebirth have seemed to send the company into fully revamping DC Comics. As Newsarama has noted “This is the seventh departure from DC’s editorial department in the past six months, following the exits of Pat McCallum, Molly Mahan, Rob Levin, Alex Antone, Dan Telfer, and Harvey Richards”. It seems a restructure of the hire-ups is in full effect.

But the comic books are never going to be the real moneymakers. They are probably never going to reach the heights they were in the past, especially single issues. Single issues are a niche market that is slowly dwindling. I don’t really know anything that can be done about that as things tend more toward graphic novels and trade paperbacks. So, I am not quite sure what the endgame is here?

It does seem silly enough to me that a lot of this has to do with comic book continuity. How do stories fall in, what connections do they have, do the stories of the past matter?

To me, this seems to always have everyone in an uproar and is the conundrum DC and Marvel are always trying to fix. And they never will. Comic book continuity will never, ever make sense. If you want to keep reading Bruce Wayne as Batman forever with the same continuity since the 1930s, it ain’t never fully going to all come together. I dare you to try and read a major X-Men character and make any part of them make a lick of sense.

The End?

That is what comic books have been, though. I mean you can’t go on this long with the same characters and expect everything to fit neatly in. I don’t know if there is an answer at all. DiDio is out, so what happens now?

Somebody new comes in and DC Comics is selling like gangbusters?

Maybe, maybe not. Maybe just focus on publishing good stories with good art and everything will sort itself out?

That could be way too simplistic of a plan, but it might work out.

I mean, part of it, too, is that not everyone is ever going to be happy. If you replace Bruce Wayne as Batman some people will hate it and others will praise it, no matter what. If you say some story doesn’t officially fit in continuity a subsection will be mad because that is their favorite. I can see from a company standpoint, as well. If we have a Wonder Woman movie out with Diana as Wonder Woman then we want comic books with Diana as Wonder Woman. Makes perfect sense, but again, it is not like people seeing the movies are flocking to buy single issues.

I guess what we can say is DiDio and DC Comics did at least try with the New 52 and Rebirth. They tried to make an all-new continuity line but still keep the legacy characters. They tried to make something brand new with the characters: a clean slate. When that started to flounder, they tried to make the old continuity blend with this new one. It seems that maybe comic books in general just need one singular initiative if we really want continuity. We need one figurehead, much like Kevin Feige (who has recently started on the publishing side of Marvel), to overlook everything and say this is where we are headed and this is what needs to happen. 


Or just follow the old iFanboy motto of “nothing makes sense and nothing matters” and enjoy your comic books!

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