Dark Horse Comics’ Ghost #0 Preview


 Dark Horse Comics‘ will be releasing issue #0 of Ghost on September 19th. The comic is written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, known for her work on comics such as Osborn: Evil Incarcerated and Captain Marvel. The art is by Phil Noto, who has worked on titles such as X-23Angel & Faith, and Uncanny X-Men. 

Ghost #0 will have us following a paranormal investigation show along the lines of Ghost Hunters but with more of a tabloid TV feel to it. Vaughn Barnes, a formal journalist fired from his last job now runs the cameras for Phantom Finders with Tommy Byers hosting. During an episode being filmed in a cemetery where there have been rumors of a ghostly woman in white being seen,  the two unwittingly summon a spirit with the help of a mysterious apparatus. Tommy is much more excited by this than Vaughn and tries to hold a press conference to replicate the results, which proves to be unsuccessful.

We see Vaughn spiraling into a typical damaged character drinking scene only to have Ghost (it is not clear at this time if this will be Elisa, the Ghost from the original series or a completely  new character), appear to him. While he is unsure if the apparition is a result of alcohol or an actual entity he carries on a conversation with her anyway. However after she saves him from a dangerous situation he realizes she is a being and not a hallucination.

All in all this is a promising introduction to the new series, but there is a bit of room for improvement. At times the dialog between the two male characters feels a touch campy. While throwing a “Bro” or “Man” in every once in a while may add a little macho humor, having it show up multiple times in the span of a  few pages is a little much. The art fits the story-line well but fans of the original series will see a difference in the Ghost character herself. In this first issue she has a more spiritual look with a flowing robe and simple clothes later on, but maybe as the series progresses we will start to see the grittier Ghost complete with her dual pistols. Only time will tell. You can pick up Ghost #0 on September 19th and something tells me this could be the start of an enjoyable series.


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