‘Riven’ – New Terror Coming from ‘Dark Horse Presents’

RivenDHP  chap1  Riven a new graphic novel is set to make readers of the horror anthology Dark Horse Presents tremble.

Slated for release from Dark Horse Comics on Aug. 22, Riven marks the third joint venture for writers Bo Hampton (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) and Robert Tinnell (The Wicked West).

Presented in three-parts, Riven tells the story of Katya, a teenager with a mysterious and tragic past. Awakening after five years in a coma, she becomes aware of an evolving and terrifying power inside her that bursts to life by the slightest touch of the full moon. Racing against time, Katya needs to solve the mystery of her gruesome and bloody nightmares before they become reality.

“Dark Horse Presents is bringing together such a great mix of talent and stories at the moment that it’s honestly an honor to be included in the book,” Robert Tinnell said. “From all the chatter Dark Horse Presents has been generated, it’s clear the book is appealing to discerning, articulate readers — and those are precisely the sorts of people we hope are attracted to Riven.”

Tinnell and Hampton have a breadth of experience that is sure to contribute greatly to Riven. Tinnell is a screenwriter, director and producer, with a penchant for horror based works. Hampton is no ‘one-trick-pony’ either,  having worked as an artist and writer of graphic novels, but also on full length animation for Extreme Ghostbusters (SONY) and Superman (Warner Bros.)

Hampton has high hopes for both Riven and his collaboration with Tinnell for Dark Horse Comics.

“It was a great spawning ground in its original incarnation and I’m really happy to be part of Dark Horse Presents now. I’m looking forward to seeing the Riven pages in that format,” Hampton said.

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