Darkwing Duck Revival in Development

Darkwing Duck Returns!

Darkwing Duck, that mighty mallard, is coming back to your television sets. The new series will be spinning out of the acclaimed and popular revival of DuckTales. Both series were popular parts of the “Disney Afternoon” cartoons in the 1990s. No writer is currently attached for the project. However, some big names are set to executive-produce. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, coming off their Preacher series, as well as The Boys, will be among the executive producers. The series, when launched, will air on Disney Plus.

Let’s Get Dangerous

Darkwing Duck ©Walt Disney Co
Darkwing Duck
©Walt Disney Co.

The original Darkwing Duck series premiered in 1991 and ran for 92 episodes. Starring Jim Cummings, the voice of Winnie the Pooh, as the titular hero, aka Drake Mallard, the show sent up numerous superhero tropes. Drake Mallard, when not fighting crime, was a suburban dad trying to raise his adopted daughter, Gosalyn. His buddy and sidekick, Launchpad McQuack, was a crossover character from DuckTales. While a capable crimefighter, Darkwing Duck wasn’t always the most skilled, which often led to hijinks. In addition to Cummings, the show starred Christine Cavanaugh (Babe) as Gosalyn and Terry McGovern as Launchpad.

Darkwing and Scrooge

The ties between Darkwing Duck and DuckTales continue for this new series. In the new DuckTales canon, Darkwing Duck was a show within the show, with Launchpad as his biggest fan. Drake Mallard appeared in season 2, while Gosalyn first showed up in Season 3. There was even an episode poking fun at superhero movies and reboots, which helped start a fan movement to revive the series. No word yet as to whether Cummings will return to his role as the Dark Avenger That Flaps in the Night. Development overall for the show is still underway.

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