Darth Vader Receives Namesake Street in Iceland

In addition to all the Star Wars merchandise you can buy, there’s a new way to prove your loyalty to the film franchise: move to Iceland and live on Darth Vader’s street.

Darth VaderThe mayor of Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik announced the street’s name change from Bratthöfði – meaning “steep cape” – this weekend. The street’s new name will be Svarthöfði, which was the name given to Darth Vader in the Icelandic translation of the original Star Wars movie. Meaning “black-head,” it’s not the most flattering of names to give someone, but I guess it fits Darth Vader pretty well.

The name change came about after it received support on a website called Better Reykjavik where the city’s citizens can vote on civic works projects. When it came to convincing the City Council, it probably helped that the new name Svarthöfði fit with the naming conventions of that part of Reykjavik – all the street names there already end in “höfði.” Although, according to Iceland Magazine, one of the capital’s former mayors liked to dress up as Obi-Wan Kenobi, so maybe the people of Iceland are just nerdier about their Star Wars than you.

mayor as OBK darth vader
Former Reykjavik mayor as Obi-Wan

After announcing the project, the current mayor even joked that the house numbers on the street should be done Star Wars style – 4, 5, 6 then 1, 2, 3 – and a City Councilwoman agreed with the suggestion. According to Iceland Magazine, another Twitter user then proposed a second name change, this time renaming Höfðabakki in the same area as the new Svarthöfði in honor of Chewbacca or Chewbakki.

Given the fact that some of the filming – mostly location shots – for the upcoming Star Wars film The Force Awakens took place in Iceland, the people there have many reasons to be proudly nerdy. With the location shooting and the new Svarthöfði street, Star Wars fans might want to schedule their next vacation in Reykjavik. After all, the city also has a reputation as a party town.

Only the truly dedicated would go so far as to move onto Svarthöfði, but it might not be such a bad thing to do, considering only 120,000 people live in Reykjavik. But be prepared for cold weather since the highest temperature ever recorded there is only 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Though, with the low temperatures, you could start wearing your own Darth Vader helmet, earning Star Wars loyalty points and the nickname “Black-head.”

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