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DC Brings the Tom King Batman Run to an Early End


Tom King Exits Batman Early

Well, it seems Tom King’s plan for a 105-issue run of Batman has been cut short by Warner Brothers and DC Comics. From IGN it is reported that King’s final issue will be #85 later this year and he will be off the series by the end of 2019. The reason behind this is still shrouded in mystery. Tom King tweeted out thanks to all his fans, but that is all we have heard from the writer. One of King’s featured collaborators, Mitch Gerads, did tweet a more upbeat word hinting at bigger things to come.

Has the King Fallen?

Tom King via Twitter
Tom King via Twitter

Tom King is an acclaimed comic book writer. He has hits series like Sheriff of Babylon, The Vision and Mister Miracle under his belt, along with some Eisner Awards and nominations to boot. His Batman run has not been without controversy. Most notably: the fake-out wedding with Catwoman in issue number 50.

It seems fans have been a little divided on King’s Batman story. It has been a very long, weaving tale, taking ins and outs and bringing the Bat into different areas. Being this long of a run, not every issue and arc is going to be a hit. Though is this the reason King is being taken off the title? It is strange to take such a high-profile writer off such a high-profile book right when he is coming close to finishing his story. Does this mean King will rush his initial idea for a satisfying ending? Or will it be another plot line never finished, like so many other stories in the past?

Or maybe King just got tired of people threatening him over a fictional character? It was widely noted King received death threats after issue #50 of Batman. I mean, I probably wouldn’t want to write Batman anymore either. 

Not Gone Yet

Even though King will no longer be on Batman he is still under an exclusive contract with DC Comics and probably has several other projects in the works yet to be announced. So, King isn’t going to be straying far from home. He has also noted that his ending to Batman will change the character for decades to come. It has yet to be announced what will be his next project, but we can probably expect something by the end of 2019.

It has also been rumored that King’s early departure may have to do with DC Comics/Warner Brothers wanting to “reboot” the whole DC Comics lines. Since Rebirth a few years ago DC has been teasing going back to the pre-New 52 timeline. With the events in the maxi-series Doomsday Clock, it seems some world-changing things may be coming to the DC Universe soon.

What do you think about King’s early departure from Batman? Were you enjoying his run? What do you think is in store for DC and Tom King’s future? Let us know in the comments.

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