DC Comics And Beyond – Throne of Atlantis, Chapters One and Two

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It was likely very easy to buy everything that came out this week since there weren’t that many titles released during the fifth week of the month. But two of this week’s releases kicked off the “Throne of Atlantis” crossover event by Geoff Johns.

Here’s the first chapter’s description, in Justice League #15: “Can the Justice League band together to battle the forces of Atlantis?  And in the backup feature, Shazam comes face to face with Black Adam, and Billy makes a decision that will shock his friends!” The second chapter’s, in Aquaman #15, goes like this: “Atlantis invades the surface world!”

Johns has proven over the years that he’s a master at weaving stories through multiple books, and he’s off to a running start with these two issues, the only New 52 titles of the week.

As a big Batman fan, the portions of these issues that stood out were seeing the Dark Knight interact with Aquaman, something we’ve rarely seen. It will come as no surprise that the two don’t always get along, with Batman constantly probing Arthur to reveal his secrets. This is ironic because Aquaman wanted the League to be open with each other.

DC Comics, New 52, Wayne Hall, Justice League, Aquaman, Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Superman, Wonder WomanElsewhere, Superman shows Wonder Woman, his new girlfriend, what it means to have a secret identity, and we see Lois’ reaction to the superheroes being out together. I wasn’t sure the Superman and Wonder Woman relationship would be interesting, but these scenes were intriguing.

I enjoyed Atlantis’ war on the surface world. It’s interesting because not all the characters are who’s allied with whom.

I also have to say that I love Ivan Reis’ art on Justice League. He’s the perfect person to take the reins of the book from Jim Lee. He can do everything from single panels to double-page spreads with the best of them, so I’m looking forward to upcoming issues.

The future installments of “Throne of Atlantis” can’t be released fast enough!


I should also comment on Amazing Spider-Man #700, the most expensive release this week, and its contents are likely the worst-kept secret in comics history. Rather than elaborate (and give spoilers), I’ll say that the significant story that takes place here reminds me of the Winter Soldier tale in Captain America. Things will get back to normal. The only question is, how long will that take? (I’m betting within two years.)

Also out this week are:


  • Before Watchmen: Night Owl #4 of 4


  • Deathmatch #1


  • The Shadow Special #1


  • Amazing Spider-Man #700

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