DC Comics Announces Nightwing Movie

Nightwing Movie Added To DC Comics Expanded Universe

On Thursday afternoon, DC Comics announced that a Nightwing movie will be put into production. This was in addition to the announcement of Matt Reeves helming The Batman. At the same time, DC and Warner Brothers revealed that Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay will direct. The script will be done by The Accountant screenwriter Bill Dubuque. Neither a release date nor a star has been announced.

Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, first appeared in comics as Robin in Detective Comics #38 way back in 1940. Created by Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson, he was Batman’s ward and kid sidekick in the fight against crime. Over time, he started growing up to a teenager and eventually left (temporarily) for college. A founder of several Teen Titan groups, Dick/Robin became Nightwing during the Judas Contract storyline. Nightwing proved himself to be a capable hero and his own man and has subbed in as Batman at least twice. Dick Grayson has appeared in numerous films and cartoons in various forms, but this will be the first time as Nightwing on film.

Nightwing Joins The DCEU

Nightwing will join the other DCEU films currently in production or in development. In addition to the soon to be released Wonder Woman and Justice League, there is also the soon to film Aquaman, The Batman, The Flash, and others. There are questions to what is Dick Grayson’s place in the DCEU. We know at least one Robin is dead according to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Warner Brothers has since confirmed that Robin was Jason Todd. So, where has Dick Grayson been all this time? In his old stomping grounds of Bludhaven, or was there an even bigger falling out between him and Batman? Was Jason’s death the catalyst of the rift? And will Batman cameo in the film?

Who Wears The Tights?

Aaron Schoenke NightwiingWhile no one has been cast as Nightwing, there are some rumored for the part. Batman In The Sun chief and fan film Nightwing actor, Aaron Schoenke has hinted on Facebook that he knows who is up for the part. Of course, his lips are sealed. There are several people who fans are clamoring for the part. These include established actors such as Zac Efron and Armie Hammer. Hammer was actually at one point tapped to play Batman in the canceled Justice League: Mortal film and is rumored to being courted to play Hal Jordan in the DCEU.

Chuck actor Matt Bomer is also a particular favorite among fans. Steven R McQueen, late of The Vampire Diaries, is another candidate and has been rumored to be tapped for the part before for the various DC shows on The CW. Another fan favorite, though unlikely, is actor and fan filmmaker Danny Shepherd, aka Ismahawk, who made a short fan series starring him as Nightwing in 2014.

Word of the Nerd will continue to keep an eye on this developing story.

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